Weight Loss Query: Does Eating Carbs At Night Make You Fat?

Tania Tarafdar

Low-carb diets have been in the limelight for years and for good reason. Eating lots of carbohydrates particularly in the form of sugary treats such as white bread, rice or pasta, is bad for your waistline as well as your blood sugar levels. You particularly avoid eating carbs for dinner because you fear that you will gain weight. You must have fallen for several theories that conclude that your body burns the carbs faster in the morning and it takes longer for your body to clear the carbs when you are preparing to sleep. But is this theory really true? Let's find out.

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Can Eating Carbs At Night Make You Fat?

You should not completely remove carbs from your evening meal. If you are trying to slim down, remember that it all boils down to how much you eat. A moderate calorie deficit is what is necessary for weight loss. As long as you are eating the appropriate amounts of carbs, fats, and proteins to support your goals, it doesn't matter what time of the day you eat them. The energy you get from carbohydrates will only be stored as fat if it is in excess of your energy requirements. Your total carbohydrate requirements will depend on both your level of activity and your health and fitness goals. Coffee Diet for Quick Weight Loss: How Does It Work and How Safe Is It?

What Types Of Carb Is It Okay To Eat Before Bed?

There is no reason to avoid carbohydrates at night unless your plate is full of healthy and high-fibre carb sources like starchy veggies and whole grains. Fibre can help you feel more satisfied and contribute to weight loss even if you are eating them at night. You just want to avoid processed and refined carbohydrates at all times. At night, the food you eat should be nutrient-rich so that your body can build and maintain muscle, replenish energy reserves, recover from the demands of the previous day and prepare for the next day. Weight Loss Tip of the Week: How to Use Chia Seeds to Lose Weight (Watch Video).

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Can Eating Carb For Dinner Have Any Side Effects?

Eating healthy carbs at night can actually have many benefits. It can increase serotonin levels, which helps you have a restful night of sleep. Eating late-night carbs also reduces cortisol levels, which can make you feel less stressed and when you feel more relaxed, you automatically lose more weight. Eating healthy carbs for dinner can also prevent midday hunger which can help you eat less at dinner and consume fewer daily calories. Eating Out On a Weight Loss Diet: Healthiest Foods to Order At a Thai Restaurant.

It's a myth that you aren't using up the energy from carbs at night if you are not active or go straight to sleep! However, the best way to know what works for you is to experiment with a couple of weeks of eating carbs at night and a couple of weeks without, and notice what works best for you. As long as you are meeting your daily requirement of calories and macros, you are on the right path.