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You start this week on a financial high thanks to the impact of the sun in Taurus. You will get creative and consider more immediate ways of making an income that affords you the quality of life you desire. In terms of your career, you are dependable, determined and consistent with a fiery flair that makes you popular. Mercury remains in Aries and music remains a vital language for you. Learn to play an instrument, attend concerts and let music motivate you. Venus in Pisces ensures increased income which you can add to your investment cache. Short trips are indicated but you should avoid any unnecessary expense. Your personal life feels fulfilling and you are content as a result.


For Taurus natives who work in offices or are involved in Agriculture and Marketing, you’ll experience what can only be described as a dazzling impact. Your career will be propelled forward and you will be an invaluable asset to your colleagues and seniors. Mercury in Aries lends restlessness to your character. This fire should be channeled into meditative practice where it can be utilised efficiently. Venus in Pisces guarantees good health, the need to be active, financial improvement and an addictive, contagious sense of joy that gets you invited to all the best social events this spring.


You start this week feeling less energized than the week before. This is the time when you should relax and spend time with your partner. Just take it easy, eat well and prioritize calming activities. A little self-indulgence won’t hurt. Mercury in Aries keeps your finances strong and your health will be good. This period is favorable and your communicative style is more direct and assertive, tempered by the Gemini instinct for diplomacy and mediation. This ensures that you are received well by others. Venus in Pisces sees solid financial growth and the possibility of a workplace promotion. Your brain is recognized by colleagues and seniors.


The sun is now firmly in Taurus and the energy surrounding this placement has had a chance to settle. The result is a prosperous personal life. Relationships with friends, family and your romantic partner are all going well and there is a beautiful sense of satisfaction surrounding you. You may feel that everything is in its right place and that nothing could possibly be better. It’s possible that you’ll want to get married or start a family. Mercury remains in Aries which keeps you lightyears ahead of your peers at work. Your brain is working brilliantly and you are making a legitimate change. With Venus in Pisces, you’ll enjoy a good financial condition and plenty of short explorations, possibly to famous places.

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What do you dream of? What do you long for? You`re ambitious, sure, but are you sometimes too lazy? With the sun in Taurus, you’ll be taking action and moving towards your goals. Chances are you’ll want to be noticed, respected or admired in some way so anything that puts your dreams in the public sphere will help give you a jolt. Financially, you’re in a strong position, which helps you find the resources to push yourself in the right direction. You’ve made strong connections and these will be meaningful to you in future. Be patient. Everything has its time. Whilst you are busy laying the ground work for success, remember to eat well, rest and exercise. A lion needs stroking from time to time. Don’t let leisure turn to laziness. A little balance will go a long way.


Virgo, the previous weeks have been about shedding that which is no longer useful, beautiful or helpful to you. Have you been making progress? The Virgo mind is so active that it’s easy for you to attribute meaning to absolutely everything. Now, you’re being asked to let go, to invite change. It’s easier for you to let go of things when you give them freely away to friends, family or charity. By the 15th, you’ll feel freer and more confident and you’ll want love in your life. You’re traditional at heart and this may be the time for marriage. If so, you’ll enjoy planning the little details and letting your inner perfectionist run wild. At work, don’t lose focus! Try to see the bigger picture. You feel closer to your partner who is always supportive, so make sure you return the favour! Try to nitpick less and enjoy all the things that your love does for you.


Libra, does love feel lackluster? You need to get back in touch with who you are, a romantic, amiable and soulful sign! Plan quality time for your partner, be spontaneous, take them for candlelit dinners or enjoy a homemade dinner together. Go for walks by lakes and talk, talk, talk about love. Your love life isn’t over, it’s dormant and you can bring it back to life. As well as feeding love into your relationships, it is vital that you do this for yourself. You may have been neglecting yourself of late and this is making you feel frazzled and grumpy. You’re feeling in a more introverted, quiet mood and this should be honoured. It’s okay to go into a state of hibernation if this is needed. You’ll emerge more productive and more like yourself.


The sun in Taurus puts the focus on your domestic life and with Scorpio’s urge to penetrate and passionate disposition, you may notice some upheaval in your personal life. Think about it this way; ground that is undisturbed looks smooth but when we go digging, we can make a mess. How you handle this need to know will make a big difference. Your partner may need space if things become too intense. Ultimately, these conversations will transform your relationship, probably for the better as you come to know one another more intimately. At work, your performance skyrockets and you may find yourself promoted. Chances are, you want a change at work so go for a new position or keep your eye out for other interesting roles. There are new opportunities presenting themselves to you all of the time – snatch them up.


Feeling more sluggish and lazy than usual? Enjoying sitting around the house doing very little? What you are experiencing is the sun shifting from dynamic Aries into domestic Taurus. This shift may feel sudden and your energy levels will be hit by a slump, but you may find that you enjoy going down a gear. You’ll enjoy being at home, pottering, doing domestic chores and approaching life slowly. At work, you need to make sure that you put in more focus and effort but outside of work, it’s okay to really kick back and smell the roses. Although life at home feels great, you’ll start to get itchy feet again. There are so many new things you can take up that feed your soul including a sport, hobby or travel opportunity. As always, friendship opens doors for you.

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Right now, you are all about family life. Adventurous Saturdays exploring with the kids, romantic dinners with your partner and the cosy warmth that comes with family life. This is a positive period for you as you’ve worked hard lately and you now sit back and enjoy the fruits of that labour and what it is all about; providing for your family. During all of this domestic bliss, you may be looking for a new dream home and you’ll enjoy the search. This is a new project for you and you’ll throw yourself into it wholeheartedly. If you are happy with your home, you may simply redecorate or buy a few new bits and pieces. For single Capricorns, the time is more than right for love as you feel mature, responsible and generous.


Last week, you may have felt on a high with influential Aries in your chart. This week, as Taurus rules, you’re about to go down a gear. Your focus is now more romantic, more tender and if single, you will be on the hunt for love. Your desire for love will be less cerebral and more physical as you crave affection and appreciation. Your health is wonderful and robust and this is a great time to start a new exercise regime. It’s important that you take care of your health with light exercise, nutritious food and plenty of time for yourself. Your financial life remains prosperous so consider making those big, life-changing purchases.


This week is a great one for love, finances and career so you can breathe a sigh of relief! You may feel concerned for your children or younger siblings. It is possible that you are afraid that they may fall in with a bad company or make poor choices. Spend time with them and offer support. The impact you make cannot be ignored. Professionally things cruise along smoothly and if you’ve started a new job, you’ll finally feel like you’ve hit your stride. If single, you may fall in love with a friend who gives you that warm, glowing feeling. If coupled, your romance deepens and you feel secure and able to trust your partner in all ways.

Traditionally Yours,