Your Weekly Horoscope for August 21st -27th by astroYogi

The Solar Eclipse On 21st August And It’s Astrological Impacts

Your Weekly horoscope readings by the expert Vedic astrologers of astroYogi. Read on.

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With the sun continuing in Leo, your sense of self-confidence remains high and there is very little that you cannot achieve when you are feeling this good about yourself. This is the time to supercharge this energy and focus and use it in areas of your life that require a little zing. You may choose to pour this energy into your career, relationship or into a new hobby. However you choose to channel it, you will notice results which will only improve your sense of self-worth. For those in leadership roles, you will truly prosper, inspiring others as a positive, courageous and fair force. Aries make natural leaders due to their desire to be first but remember that you need to lead by example and therefore need to hold yourself to a high moral standard. The influence of Mercury in Leo continues to run amuck with your plans. Make sure that you continue to hold off important plans until after 26 September, if possible.


The buzz this week is all around your home life and domestic sphere. After a little soul searching, your feet are back on solid ground. This week you should utilise what you’ve learnt to make lasting changes to your life. You may be planning a move to a bigger or newer home and you have an eye for beautiful, timeless but also homely properties where you can raise a family and grow old. You may prefer a build that has traditional elements which speaks to your preferences and tastes. Romantically, you have a near-perfect love life thanks to your generosity, patience and loyalty. If single, you will attract a lover who admires and requires these qualities in a partner. Your career is moving along nicely and you truly excel thanks to your stable, methodical nature. You’re in a harmonious and romantic mood and people will feel this energy all around you. You are very attractive right now.


When you are at your best you are a witty conversationalist brimming with ideas and creativity. An eternal student who loves to learn and an explorer at heart. This week the integral elements of your Gemini nature are activated and heightened making you feel more like yourself. Your social calendar is packed with plans enabling you to be extroverted, lively and enchanting with all you meet. Do make sure that you take time to rest and process what you are experiencing. This is how you learn and gain greater understanding of self and it will also stop you from burning out and becoming restless, anxious and depressed (the more negative aspects associated with the Gemini character). This is a time of great innovation for you. One of your ideas may go far in terms of generating wealth and success for you. You may feel a slight lack of enthusiasm this week which is why our reminder about taking time for self is even more pertinent.


Few signs are as resilient as the crab with its tough outer shell and vulnerable interior. Your tenacity and methods for self-protection are very effective. After a period of some challenges you are finally on top form. Your ability to communicate effectively continues to be heightened by the sun in Leo making this a good week to bring out into the open any problems or discussions that need to be addressed and may have been ignored for some time. This is also the time for some self-talk. What do you want to do? Who do you want to be? What is working well for you in life and what needs to change? What do you need? These are big questions yes, but this week you will be prepared to answer them. Financially, this is a great time for you as you build your savings and may bring in money due to property ownership. Continue to grow your money and you will feel secure and safe.

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A confident Leo is a force to be reckoned with and you’ve recently moved from a period of low confidence to getting back to your old self thanks to the sun in your own sign of Leo. There’s a degree of fame and recognition which follows you around this week and it can come in many forms. It may be actual fame due to a profession which involves performance of some kind or it may be local fame within your community. In some way, you will rise above the ranks. It is important that you manage and control your legendary temper. When the lion roars, the jungle clears but you may regret your behaviour and the loneliness that ensues. Fortunately, any niggling issues in your romantic or personal life will be resolved thanks to your candour and eagerness to get to the crux of an issue. Remember it is more important to be kind than right in some instances. You don’t always need to ‘win.’


Virgo, this week should be about relaxation and cultivating a strong sense of inner calm. When our inner core is strong, very little can damage it. It takes patience and many attempts before we can build our self-esteem to a stable point but it is worth doing and you should begin now. Make a list of all of your good qualities and remind yourself of them on a daily basis. This week you lack the self-confidence to go after what you desire, but you needn’t always trust your feelings. You can still make moves and fake it until you make it. You have the polished exterior that suggests to others that you know what you are doing! Be easy and gentle with yourself – it is okay to not feel your best at all times. You are perhaps the most health-conscious sign of the zodiac but this week you are advised to focus on and prioritise your own health. Even small changes are highly effective. Commit to one change such as more water or less sugar and see it through.


Though ambitious, sometimes you sit on a see-saw, going up and down on an issue rather than seeing it through to the end. With the oomph of the sun in Leo, you are ready to commit and use Leo’s fixed energy to complete challenges and tasks that may have been pending for a while. You are fired up for the challenge and are more decisive than usual. It may be easier for you to reach decisions about important areas of your life such as your career or romantic desires. This is freeing and refreshing for you. You are less of a victim of your mind and are able to gauge which thoughts are telling you something and which are merely white noise. Romantically, this is an exciting period for you as you may meet someone new and enjoy the first flush of love. If you are already loved up, your love life is injected with some pizzazz which revitalizes your love affair. Financially, you are in the process of clearing debts and building savings which put you in a far better position. This is a great time to establish better monetary habits freeing you from the debt cycle forever.


At work, you are a soldier who can be counted on in trying times. As the sun continues in Leo, your personal magnetism is enhanced and this makes people warm to you and respect you even more. As a result of this, you may be promoted or a new role may be carved out especially for you. You are not one to wait around for others to act or to give you what you want, so if the opportunities don’t come calling, you will make your own. Your confidence shines through this week and can be harnessed in any direction. Always one for growth and self-improvement, you will accept new challenges at work and complete them effectively, which makes you look excellent in the eyes of your colleagues and seniors. There are many new opportunities coming your way in all facets of life. Your only decision should be, which do you want? No need to say yes for the sake of it as you will continue to be blessed for some time to come.


Sagittarius, you could be considered a naturally lucky sign. The question is, does the right attitude create luck or does luck create the right attitude? It is a bit of a ‘chicken and egg’ argument but we would argue that your sunny, expansive, jovial nature creates luck for you. It is hard not to smile in the presence of a Sagittarius. At home, there will be plenty to celebrate; weddings, new babies, engagements and many other good tidings. Your home will be party central and you will spend lots of time with family and friends savouring their good news. In your personal life there may be a few obstacles to overcome. Have there been disagreements? Is something brewing that needs to be brought to light? Fortunately, once you face and confront these issues, all will be back to normal before you know it. You are not one to let things fester and your sunny, happy-go-lucky disposition enables others to forgive and forget with relative ease.



You always have a project or plan and this makes you one of the most efficient signs in the zodiac. This can be great for your education, career and hobbies as you apply yourself well to all that you do and can rarely be deterred from your path. Yours is a sign of strength and self-sufficiency and your eye is always on the particular mountain that you have chosen to climb, whatever this mountain may represent for you. Sometimes however these traits can impact negatively on you and you need to remember to slow down and enjoy life. To do so does not mean that you are failing. Not everything must be rushed. Try to savour life as a long meal rather than a series of rushed snacks! There is a risk that you will miss out on other riches that life has to offer if you always keep your eyes on the track. Learning to balance your productivity with spontaneity should be your lesson this week. Do something small and silly and see how you feel.


This week, there is a lot of joy surrounding you and family and friends will feel it when in your presence. There is some celebration going on at home for an auspicious event such as a wedding which is consuming much of your time. You bring imagination, flair and a touch of eccentricity to proceedings. People come to you for ideas and concepts that are different and maybe veer away from the typical or traditional. This is not something to fear, merely a fresh outlook. You will know yourself Aquarius that you value honesty as the best policy and although this is a wonderful trait, it is vital that you remember that words can hurt and cause harm. When dealing with those you love, temper your honesty with kindness and softness. Remember the power that words can cause. You are the bluntest of the three air signs, perhaps the fieriest and your cosmic aloofness can make you forget that people can take things to heart.


The sign of Pisces can be likened to the ebbing and flowing of waves. You are not consistent, instead you go with life’s flow which can be wonderful and can also be negative, depending on where life takes you. You can learn to direct your own tide but you must motivate yourself to work hard. Finding a relatable source of motivation is very important for you. What can you find to drive yourself? Perhaps you will think of your family or the legacy that you would like to leave behind. Maybe money or a deeper sense of happiness will inspire. It is up to you to find this meaning for yourself. Once you find it, you may live with more purpose and intention. One of your passions is performance and art. You may act, sing, dance, write or paint. Keep with these skills as fame is set to knock on your door. These talents also provide you with an emotional and creative outlet which deepens you as a person and helps to build self-confidence.

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