Your Weekly Horoscope – 6th July to 12th July 2020

Your Weekly Horoscope – 3rd August to 9th August 2020

Your weekly horoscope (6th July to 12th July 2020) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and their impact on your life. Stay tuned to Astroyogi’s expert astrologers for horoscope analysis.


Your mental state may continue to not be where it needs to be. You may be finding it difficult to get going and do what needs to be done. You may not have made as much progress as you were hoping to which can lead to feelings of frustration and restlessness. Anxiety and depression may be lurking as a result and it can be very easy to drag yourself down. Do not be a bully to yourself. Simply rest and allow yourself to heal. To return equilibrium to our mental state, it is important to return to the fundamental tenets of self-care, meditation is an empowering tool.


Success and ambition are the keywords for this week. You feel turbocharged to gallivant directly into success. You are prepared to work very hard and to work with integrity so that you can achieve the results you long for. Your patience and gusto is a refreshing mix that almost makes work exciting and others around you will undoubtedly be energised by your marriage of passion and practicality. In fact, you may find yourself taking others under your wing to show them how it’s done.


Dual-energy is at play in your life this week. On the one hand, is exhilaration, and an infatuated almost frenetic attitude to life. You may be over-excited, obsessive or intense. On the opposite end of the scale, you may feel stressed or tense and this can manifest as headaches, a hoarse voice and digestive troubles as well as taking the form of anxiety and low-level depression. Try to find the middle ground between these extremes so that you do not suffer burn out or lethargy. The middle way will help you to conserve your energy and perform better.


This week you may feel as though you are driving a car whilst your foot is stuck on the break or that you are caught at a red light. There is much momentum and energy inside you but yet you just can’t get going. This can lead to frustration and irritation with the self. You may lambast yourself for not being able to get moving and think of all the wasted time and opportunity. This is a time to be kind to yourself. You will be able to get things going in your own time. Until then, practice ease, patience and gentleness.


The key to your success this week is to surround yourself with supporters, much like a lion ensconced itself within a pride. Your ego requires validation and you need a squad of cheerleaders to know that you are making an impact. A valuable lesson here is that you also need to find your own inner cheerleader so that you can rouse yourself when others are not available. This may not be your favourite source of ego food but nonetheless, it will be enriching and important and can also teach you a very important lesson and one that may take some time to become embedded: humility.


Relationships still preoccupy you this week as you feel very mixed and complicated emotions and indulge very knotty thought processes. Love is one area that can awaken our wounds, restrictions, limiting beliefs and blockages. We can crave love and at the same time push it away. You may not be sure if your relationship is the right one for you. There may have been some lies, disillusionment or deception that has left you feeling on edge and in the dark. You may not know who your partner is any more or feel you have lost yourself in your relationship. Take time alone to think things through.


Minor health issues are on the cards this week but nothing too serious. This reinforces that you need to take care of yourself as you have become out of balance. This is so very easy for us to do. We are born fairly balanced but as love proceeds, we begin to fall out of alignment periodically and have to work towards getting back to where we need to be. You’ll notice that you have gotten out of alignment when you feel unwell, emotional or anxious. Lethargy or a tendency to overwork may also be present as you try to compensate for another area of perceived lack.


Sometimes in life, we are presented with a crossroads. We are given the option of A or B and the choice is ours. Sometimes it’s not obvious what our answer should be and this can cause anxiety as we panic about the decision ahead of us. You may not know what you think or feel within yourself. There is no obvious gut instinct directing you any which way. Sometimes we need to be patient and wait for the signals. If nothing has come through so far then you need to take some more time to truly marinate in all the choices. Soak them in, let them into your skin and with time a decision will form itself and appear to you.


A lack of focus and a sudden pressure to make a decision can leave you feeling frazzled. You are unable to direct yourself effectively and the weight and burden of your obligations and responsibilities can feel like far too much. Cast them off momentarily and come back to your breath. Heed the call of the yoga mat and meditative practice. Slow things down, realise nothing is life or death and once a sense of equilibrium returns, you may understand with greater ease and clarity, what it is that you need to do, but this time, the focus will be your companion.


Capricorn, you dazzle others slowly and quietly. You have no flash or loud way of encroaching on others but nonetheless, you certainly do stir others up. At work, you are excelling beyond the wildest expectations of your seniors. You are like the goat that can persevere and slowly ascend the mountain. It is your patience and your continuous forward movement (you are a cardinal sign after all) that ensures you always reach the finish line. You are an unstoppable force and not someone others perceive as a threat due to your silent and stealthy ways – this is your superpower.


Your mental state is low as you battle tiredness, depression, anxiety, insecurity or inferiority. All of your shadows may be coming to the fore and begging to be doused in light. There are hidden parts of you that want to be seen, acknowledged and known by you. These parts of ourselves can often feel like our enemies in that their behaviour seems to cause us grief. And yet, if we truly look we realise that they are our friends who acted in the best way that they could at the time. They didn’t realise that we no longer need them in the same way anymore. Face the darkness and you’ll find the light.


This week may urge you to work on your boundaries. A natural healer, others can easily deplete you if you do not develop tight boundaries. This can be difficult for you to enforce because you are a porous being who takes things in and you long to merge with others on all levels. This can be a magical experience when you align with healthy beings but more destructive or sinister sorts will still be drawn to the bulb of your lightness. Protect yourself. This is a fundamental lesson in being a true teacher. Once you master it, you will be there.

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