Your Weekly Horoscope - 3rd May to 9th May 2021

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Your weekly horoscope (3rd May to 9th May 2021) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and their impact on your life.

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With Venus moving into Taurus on the 4th, you’ll enjoy a period of tremendous financial gain, especially from the property field. Overseas travel appeals right now as you seek happiness, joy, and purpose, but if this is not possible or safe in the current pandemic, you must find other ways to sate your appetite for adventure. You’ll want to break out of your mold and see what else is out there for you. This is a great period for you financially and emotionally, and mentally; you will feel calm, composed, and competent. Spending quality time with loved ones suddenly feels very important, and you’ll enjoy a huge number of auspicious events. Your social life may be fit to burst, so make sure not to over-exert yourself. Read More


This is a fortuitous week for Taurus natives, thanks to the impact of Venus and Mercury in your own sign of Taurus. What are your dreams for your future? We all have them. Are you able to get deeply in touch with yours? The reason we ask is that under these transit, dreams, and desires really can come true for you. You’ll find that outcomes in every area of life will be beneficial, and things only continue to get better for you. Popularity and your ability to communicate in a firm, the moderated way is what gets you ahead this week. There is always something new to learn, and you will be open-minded about this. Read More


Money is an area of life that we all must work hard for. As the old saying goes, it does not grow on trees (unfortunately). Still, sometimes the transits grant us great luck in even the most challenging and manmade of areas, and this week you’ll find that money, though it still needs to be worked for, is more likely to be given to you, especially if you request a loan or promotion. Learning to be confident and assertive with money is an essential life skill that you may very well master this week. You are a highly effective communicator, but this week that skill set takes on even more significance. Read More

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This is an enjoyable and fruitful period for you in every aspect and can indicate a great deal of financial prosperity, including a new home, vehicle, or furnishings. You can transform a house into a home very easily, which will be a priority for you this week regardless of whether you live alone or with others. There’s also a drive to do something new in your career, including starting your own self-sufficient business. You may spend a great deal this week, but it will be for a good cause such as charities or gifts for loved ones. Cutting down on areas of wastefulness can mitigate any risk. Read More


This week your key area of concentration will be on your job or business. You are especially motivated to grow and expand your contribution, for you know this is where success lies. This is also the perfect time for those of you who may have had a spate of bad luck to finally see some improvements, especially if you’ve been out of work for some time. You’ll find that there are plenty of opportunities and options available to you. Those of you who work in finance will fare very well indeed, and financially this is a strong week for you marking a great period for investments, savings, and prosperity. Read More


Forging friendships is key on the agenda this week, especially with your peer group. You’ll pour your attention into other people, and this may have some surprising and enjoyable results. This is also a period for monetary gain and luck, especially for those who work in the media. Spirituality can form a very important foundation in life, something to fall back on when the going gets tough, and this week it is certainly very important for you to delve deeper into spiritual practices, particularly meditation, yoga, and communal groups where you can express yourself and connect to something higher than yourself. Read More


All air signs worry; it is an expression of the air element that has nothing concrete to focus on or lacks discipline. This week your anxiety may be the result of family or the health and wellbeing of someone you love. You will need to proactively be there and detach and focus on what you can control. Finding ways to quiet your loud mind will help here, but you must be consistent. You will enjoy some surprising source of financial prosperity, but your health may need your attention. This will not be serious in any way, but just low-level issues that can distract and frustrate. Read More

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For you, love is an intense affair. You seek a life partner rather than a passing fancy, and someone with substance is essential for you or you or liable to become bored. Now is the week to find someone meaningful or to strengthen your connection with your existing partner. This is also a strong time for marriage, should you feel it is right. Your mind may lack focus and feel destabilized – you must find a place of catharsis for some of your more passionate and forceful feelings. Remember that the world is neither black nor white; it exists in many shades of grey. Read More


An uglier side to human nature tends to experience jealousy and envy, especially when we feel someone has achieved something that was meant for us. This week people may be responding to your success in negative ways, for they wish they had what you’ve got. This is the time to resist giving suggestions or feedback – it will not be taken in the spirit with which it was intended. Focus on your own hustle, and don’t worry too much about what others have to say about it. As they say, a lion doesn’t concern itself with the opinions of sheep. You’ll find that with Mercury and Venus in Taurus, a slow and steady approach works best. Read More


This is a wonderful period for you professionally. Not only will you be focused and impactful, but you’ll be noticed, appreciated, and respected by those around you, making this a great time to take on new projects or accept a promotion. The expansion you forever seek is certainly underway this week, and things may begin manifesting very quickly in a way that takes you off guard. Some patience is required because although certain things are happening fast, others may take a sweeter and slower time to emerge. Fortunately, patience is your middle name, and it should not be too difficult for you! Read More


This week your lesson is that hard work always pays off. You do not need to work yourself to the bone, but you do need to be consistent. You’ll soon see things happening for you if you can persevere. You’ll be able to save and invest and take care of your home and immediate surroundings. You may seek out change; this will be the flexibility of your airy nature talking. This is likely to be an environmental change as this can refresh your whole perspective. Tension and stress in the workplace will drop dramatically, making you feel that you can contribute and work in your own way. Read More

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Our physical health can so often be a manifestation of how we feel inside. This week you are liable to experience some back pain or neck and shoulder aches. Taking care of all facets of your health is important and should take precedence over everything else. Water is healing for all but particularly for you as this element rules you. You may find yourself taking several short trips and enjoying the taste of freedom and change of scene. There can be a degree of laziness or lack of excitement this week, making you not keen to initiate. Try to get out and see a few friends so that you don’t lose yourself in introspection. Read More

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