Your Weekly Horoscope – 2nd December to 8th December 2019

Your Weekly Horoscope – 6th July to 12th July 2020

Your weekly horoscope (2nd December to 8th December 2019) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and their impact on your life. Stay tuned to Astroyogi’s expert astrologers for horoscope analysis.


Your confidence may be somewhat shaken up and you aren’t feeling quite like yourself. For a go-getting Aries, this can be a difficult predicament. You are usually a force of nature! Issues may arise in your career, romantic and personal life so don’t be afraid to face these head-ons. Resolution is what you are after. You are known to have a temper so be mindful that your words don’t hurt others. Misunderstandings and conflicts may create an atmosphere at home. Try to keep calm and collected, especially around your loved ones. If you put in the effort, you will be very successful this week and make a financial impact. You are interested in charitable endeavours – helping others becomes important to you.


Relationships are where a great number of our inner `stuff’ can show up. We might be tempted to push away or withdraw to avoid having to face the fears and anxieties and baggage inside of us, but if we do that, nothing changes, and we become stuck in old, unhelpful patterns. If your pain is triggered, by your relationship, understand that this is an area where you must do the inner work. If you work in the media or perform, you will do well. Your fitness and energy levels are high and thriving giving you the get-up and go to get things done. You are stubborn and can get set in your ways. Choose your battles wisely or you will always lose the war.


Your focus has been on your career. Your brain is so active that you would never be content to sit at home idle. The idea of having a purpose or working towards the competition of a project appeals to your busy nature. You are putting a lot of effort into your work and you are very charming and fun to be around which helps others respond well to you. Your personal life may be turbulent and churning like wild water. You may feel depressed as a result. Plans may not go quite as you expected which can leave you feeling confused and unsettled. At the same time, few signs can weather the changes and unpredictability nature of life as you are. Change is in your astrological DNA. An air sign, your health and happiness lie in your mind. Find ways to calm and quell the storms that can rage there, and you will notice progress.


You aren’t one to seek recognition. The thought of it makes you feel rather shy. This week, you will be recognised for your efforts and contribution. You may be in a cycle of change where you would like to try your hand at a different job. Others will assist you in your search and help you on your journey. Collaborating with the crab feels natural. Your energy levels may be low, but your dreams are big. A water sign, you tap into powerful reserves in yourself that make a big difference. You are prone to weight gain if you let healthy habits slip so be conscious of this and try not to over-indulge. This is a time of growth for you so spread your wings and fly – or leave your shell and swim!


Your ability to innovate is very strong and you won’t stop until your ideas are a reality. You are an excellent delegator and you may invite others to finish what you’ve envisioned. Your mood is calm and stable which allows your fiery energy to come through protectively and wisely. It also encourages your relationships to be harmonious and peaceful. Financially, you need to be aware, alert and cautious as you may spend more than you have. Do you really need to buy that? Is it a want or a need? You may need to rethink your finances to get them truly in order. There are many new job opportunities for you if a change is on the horizon, but you are fairly fixed and like things to remain as they are, if you are happy that is!


Your love life is excellent but other areas of your life may feel subpar. You’ll travel fairly frequently in the name of work – trips both near and far. You’ll see financial gain especially if you dabble in the property market. Profit will be seen. This is a wonderful phase for students – your brains will soak up information like a sponge and you will perform well in tests. In general, this is a great time to pursue education and in one way or another, this is something you will always do because just like Gemini natives, you need to always be learning. This is a wonderful week professionally and a good reminder of all you have to be grateful for.

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Financially you’ll do very well this week, but you do need to be cautious of your tongue and tone of voice. You are naturally a very diplomatic person, but you may offend others this week with an impulsive hot-headedness. It’s very important for you this week to spend time with those you treasure. Your interest in spirituality is up but you will still be stalked by a temper that you need to keep under wraps. It’s crucial that you avoid conflict especially at work and that you try to turn back to your diplomatic nature. You enjoy socialising and surrounding yourself with positive energy. This helps you get back on form. Overthinking may be an issue – try meditation and journaling. These are always failsafe options.


You’re working fast and getting things done very efficiently. This is the Scorpio way. You’ll notice the fruits of your labour more towards the end of this month, but progress will be obvious immediately. This is a great time to work on the expansion. It’s a good time to start dipping a toe in the world of investments. There may be some obstacles, but your attitude is essentially laidback. It’s a good time to sit on major decisions rather than make them. Your power of innovation will bring you success and plenty of reasons to celebrate. You are tuned in to spiritual ideologies and this is important and powerful for you. The spiritual world is your home and can literally be a transformative place for you especially if the practice is committed.


Do you have faith in yourself? If not, why? You have such faith in others, in the world and your ideologies. Sometimes you need to remember to return some of this generosity and optimism to yourself. Save a little for you. Hold a little back. Love is the way. You are naturally positive and hopeful but when you have a darker spell you need to remember to keep your chin up and smile. You have a great light in you that can never be extinguished – not for long anyway! Even if you feel low your attitude is good and people respond well to you. This is a wonderful time for diving deeper into your relationships. Financially be cautious of overspending. You can build a big nest egg if you make wise decisions now.


Your big monetary gains this week will be from the property. Your confidence is high and very dependent on whether you view yourself as useful and successful. Your big drive is to be practical. You need a purpose, something to work on. This keeps you healthy and happy. Honesty and authenticity will empower you. You are in the mood for a challenge and prepared to conquer it and so you say yes to whatever comes your way. Your romantic partner will be supportive and understanding of you. Be sure to return the favour. You may often be called a rock meaning that you can be stable and supportive but do be sure to show warmth as well. Luck is on this week – embrace it.


This is a favourable period for you where all seems to be basked in a glowing light. You are appreciated by all around you. Although somewhat detached from the opinions of others, this validation still feels good to you. This is a very lucky time and you are interested and intrigued in spiritual practices that can deepen your self-worth and contentment. You are learning that true happiness comes from within. We are all at the heart of our own narrative and so must put on our oxygen masks first. This is a wonderful time to try something new. You have the confidence to go for it. Trust your instincts. Listen to your intuition. Get out of your mind and into your body – there are lessons there.


You are quite the magical presence in relationships. Some might call you dreamy. You believe in romance, connection, warmth and you bring a sense of cosiness that makes others feel safe and valued. Intimacy is your lifeblood. Of course, you must secure boundaries around this gorgeous energy of yours so that negative or exploitative people do not leech off of you. You’ll learn with time and experience how to prepare for this and how to be more aware of the intentions of others. Others reach out to give you favourable advice so take from them what serves you well. You live in a larger than life way as if bringing dreams into the realm of reality.