Your Weekly Horoscope for 23rd Sept to 29th Sept 2018


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Aries ( 21st March to 20th April ) : You may be in a mood to ditch work and bunk office. Reason: You want to be carefree once again, and do things you haven’t done in a long time – may be indulging in retail or relaxation therapy. However, you are likely to make-up for the pending work on Tuesday. You become more active and double your pace of work, giving no chance to complain to anyone. Saturn moves through your 10th House – its own abode Capricorn. This position, in a way, will make you toil hard and test your patience, before granting fruitful results and huge professional benefits.

Taurus ( 21st April to 21st May ) : All events during the week take place at a pace slower than you expected; rest assured they are steady! Sun, which shifted into its Sign of debilitation Libra - your 6th House - now traverses with Mercury (in Libra). As a result, employees and job-holders will have to exert more effort to meet the deadlines and expectations of superiors, informs Ganesha. Although businessmen may be progressing, short-term travel during this week may not yield the desired results.

Gemini ( 22nd May to 21st June ) : This week, your stars highly support great tidings on the material plane. No wonder your bank balance is likely to soar, as you enjoy a strong financial position. However, debilitated Sun is viewed by strong Saturn posited in your 8th House. This may put you in a difficult situation, socially; you may be surrounded by a controversy or ill-feeling. Whatever it is, it may put you at discomfort. However, Ganesha advises against reacting to it aggressively.

Cancer ( 22nd June to 22nd July ) : The week is likely to begin on a highly religious note as you may plan to visit a shrine or a temple. Chanting mantras and offering prayers shall get some relief to your restless mind. Willing to spend a day there, you may contribute some money towards charity for helping the poor and underprivileged. Debilitated Sun comes under the influence of strong Saturn positioned in your 7th House. Besides, malefic Rahu moves through your 2nd House of finances and family. Here, you shall be tempted to earn quick bucks on the side. However, Ganesha warns you to refrain from unfair means and unethical ways to make money.

Leo ( 23rd July to 22nd August ) : Call it Monday blues or weekend hang-over, you are in no mood to welcome the new week. In fact, you may think of escaping your responsibilities for the day and enjoy some ‘me’ time – relaxing or entertaining yourself. You may be in a mood to watch a romcom, listen to music or read a bestseller. Work is nowhere in the focus. Sun and Mercury traverse through the 3rd House. So, it’s an auspicious time to plan a short-term travel.

Virgo ( 23rd August to 22nd September ) : You are in a mood to ditch work, as the week begins. Like a social butterfly, you may just want to fly from one social event to the other, going out on a luncheon or a movie date with your partner, relax and unwind. Last weekend, Sun entered its Sign of debilitation Libra; Sun and Mercury are now traversing through your 2nd House, which is linked with family and finances. Here, unexpected financial benefits are likely to come your way.

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Libra ( 23rd September to 22nd October ) : Now is the right time to implement all the innovative ideas that you have been pondering upon, to increase the inflow of money. Sun and Mercury moving through your Sign are likely to inspire you to think about monetary matters and improve your financial position. A major gain is in the offing already! Businesspersons will hit a jackpot by striking a new, lucrative deal. However, be very particular about timely delivery of the goods/service, or it may have adverse effects on your business.

Scorpio ( 23rd October to 22nd November ) : Relationships will take the forefront, dominating the major events this week. Singles will be super-excited to charm a friend or an acquaintance of opposite sex and enjoy spending quality time. Those who are in a committed relationship may start deciding the wedding venue, menu and pricey attires… yes!!! The wedding bells are likely to ring anytime soon! Well-aligned benefices shall help you to increase your financial resources; buying property or shares is in the offing.

Sagittarius ( 23rd November to 21st December ) : Ditching the traditional way to kick-start the week, you may plan to bunk office, skip work and unwind at home. And who is to be blamed? The Moon, which is in intuitive last of watery Sign Pisces - your 4th House. At home, you may just laze around and do things that you have been longing for – listening to music or watching your favourite romcom. You totally forget about the compulsion of meeting your daily requirements and enjoy the day to the fullest.

Capricorn ( 22nd December to 20th January ) : Sun and Mercury move through your 10th House at the beginning of the week. As a result, you become highly performance-driven, making way for better prospects at the occupational front. However, wily Saturn viewing the 10th House and planets therein may not allow a smooth sail. Here, Saturn is likely to test your endurance before finally letting you enjoy and celebrate success. Be patient and calm; if Ganesha has lead you to it, He will lead you through it! As the week progresses, the planets in the cosmos may play a spoilsport by diverting your mind towards entertaining activities.

Aquarius ( 21st January to 18th February ) : Lady Luck may soon shower her blessings on you this week as Sun and Mercury are traversing through your 9th House, which is linked with luck and fortune. Although debilitated Sun may not be able to favour your much, you are likely to benefit from the presence of lady luck in your chart. Minor gains at regular intervals will not only lift your spirits but also strengthen your financial position, bit by bit.

Pisces ( 19th February to 20th March ) : Sixth-sense, intuition and inner voice shall do the talking, as the week begins. Concerned about your self-growth and development, you shall rely on the above factors and experience a distinct improvement in your personality. Your confidence increases manifold with personal as well as financial growth. Yes, small monetary gains too are in the offing. Sun become debilitated in Libra. Sun and Mercury then move through the 8th House for your Sign.

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