Your Weekly Horoscope for 22nd November to 28th November 2020
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Aries ( 21st March to 20th April ) : For businessmen, this week may bring important deals, and you may do well to put in efforts to meet rising demand. You might also do well to ensure the welfare of your staff, to motivate them to do their best. Salaried people may get ready to work for extended hours, and to face more work pressure. Progressive forces might work effectively, as the week proceeds. Graduation students have to beware of getting distracted by pleasurable activities. Remain focused, and learn things well. Students pursuing higher education may want to work part-time, pay for their education, and also have some pocket money. On the financial front, there might be an inflow. Be careful of spending money on unnecessary luxuries, and try to focus on saving money instead. You might want to rope in unwanted expenses. You may be able to handle routine expenses with ease.

Taurus ( 21st April to 21st May ) : On the career front, you might be active. Do not expect any immediate results of your actions. The planets might delay the same. Do not lose your focus. Businessmen. You might do well to keep in contact with high net worth customers to strike a profitable deal. Students doing their graduation or diploma may have a difficult time grasping things and memorizing them more quickly. They might need to put in more work. Students doing higher education. You might find your concentration waver, and your process of learning might get affected. On the money front, an earlier investment might bear fruit. Fresh investments might also be a good idea during this phase. Keep a leash on unwarranted expenses. On the relationship front, there might be a few issues. On the health front, planetary movements indicate there might be some issues. Do not ignore any anomalies of the digestive system.

Gemini ( 22nd May to 21st June ) : You might have a profitable time during this phase if you’re a business owner. Salaried people. Expect support from your colleagues, and your immediate bosses, that might boost your confidence. Businessmen. You might be able to launch a product that grabs a huge market share. Students pursuing graduation in commerce or arts-related subjects, get ready for decent progress. Try to be focused while studying and you may memorize things well. Those students who wish to go abroad for higher studies might be supported by planetary movements. On the financial front, your gains might increase. Try not to make over-ambitious attempts to make money. Don't take undue risks or cut corners. On the relationship front, singles may meet someone of the opposite gender who they might fall in love with. On the health front, there may be no major issues. You may enjoy good health for the most part.

Cancer ( 22nd June to 22nd July ) : Salaried individuals may be in for a tough time. You may need to put in long hours, because of a heavy workload. However, hard work may pay off. Businessmen may need to explore new areas for better sales. Planetary movements are in their favor in this regard. Students pursuing graduation may be busy handling some challenging situations. There might be some disturbances due to some factors, and they may not be able to devote enough time to their studies. Post-graduate students might get useful tips from their seniors, and this might help them. On the financial front, efforts to make money need to be stepped up. Household expenses need to be accounted for. Incidental and routine expenses may be handled efficiently. On the relationship front, there may be some petty issues or the other. On the health front, your immune system may be strong.

Leo ( 23rd July to 22nd August ) : For businessmen and salaried people, the planetary movement may support you in your endeavors. The latter may even get a promotion and a salary hike. Businessmen may be able to strike a profitable deal. Students might need to work extra hard and study for long hours. Those in higher education need to be more attentive about studies. Stress levels may rise, students may feel low. But they may get encouraging support from elders and mentors during this phase. On the financial front, there may be some gain. Beware of unexpected expenses, as this may disturb your financial planning. You might need to keep enough money for contingency. You might need to handle financial matters with care. On the love front, there may be some issues between you and your loved one. Try not to push your point of view. On the family front, there may be some issues as well.

Virgo ( 23rd August to 22nd September ) : Planetary movements indicate that on the job front, you may experience some growth. However, do not adopt any unethical practices. Businessmen may get some good opportunities. Students doing graduation need to exert more and be attentive about studies. They may do well to remain focused. Students in post-graduate or doctorate programs have planetary support. On the financial front, your prospects may get a boost. However, don't become too greedy, and adopt unethical practices to earn money. When it comes to relationships, singles might be worried about their love lives. On the family front, you may need to maintain harmony and warmth. On the health front, be aware of digestive disorders. Also, keep an eye on blood pressure irregularities. Minor issues like these may crop up. However, nothing severe is foreseen. It would help to maintain a healthy lifestyle to stay in shape even for the long run.

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Libra ( 23rd September to 22nd October ) : This period might bring some barriers for businessmen, who might need to exert more to run their show well. They might not sign any major deal during this phase. Salaried people may get some advice from their immediate superiors. Job-holders looking for a change-now might be the right time. On the education front, students may get distracted, and may not be able to give enough time to their studies, stalling their progress. Students pursuing post-graduation or doctorate programs might progress and learn new things. Do not cut corners on the financial front, and instead, work harder towards your goals. Planetary positions indicate that you might benefit monetarily. Singles in a romantic relationship might be in trouble with their partners. On the family front, things might not go too well either. On the health front, there may be no major issues.

Scorpio( 23rd October to 22nd November ) : During this time, you might do well to organize your work and proceed methodically towards your objective. However, greater power and authority may bring undue pressure due to a heavy workload. Job-holders may need to accept new challenges and work hard to cement their position. Businessmen may face stiff competition. They might need to formulate a good strategy. Students pursuing graduation in science or IT may get good chances for progress. They may be attentive to their studies. They may be well focused, and this may be a good time to learn new things. On the financial front, there may be some gain. There may be some household related expenses. However, increased financial strength means you may handle routine expenses comfortably. You may get an inflow of income. However, do not take risks or adopt unethical practices to push your prospects ahead financially.

Sagittarius ( 23rd November to 21st December ) : Businessmen might run into some barriers during this phase. They might need to keep working non-stop to achieve some success. Salaried people may provide more output, and their productivity might increase. They might feel secure with their position. Students pursuing graduation might do well to ward off distractions. There might be many obstacles, and it might be vital to be focused while studying. Students might face some issues when it comes to memorizing things. Proper guidance from their mentors might help them perform well. On the financial front, this may not be the best time for fresh investments. However, old investments might bear fruit. On the financial front, you may gain strength. However, keep a check on unwarranted expenses. Singles might face some pressure from their partners, and they might not be able to spend time together. Married people may be uneasy due to petty issues with their life partner.

Capricorn ( 22nd December to 20th January ) : Businessmen. You might make more deals, and make more contacts to push your sales. Those in manufacturing may increase their product's market share. Salaried people may face pressure from seniors to improve the former's performance. Students might be focused for long hours, and they might do well in their studies. They might learn new subjects and memorize well. Those pursuing graduation in science or IT might be disturbed midweek. Post-graduate students might bag an assignment to make money. On the financial front, get ready for monetary benefits. Beware of spending money on luxuries. Try to focus on saving. Singles may develop a love equation with a person of the opposite gender. The couple may even enjoy physical intimacy. There may be some family-related issues. On the health front, beware of acidic reflux. Try including fiber-rich vegetables in your diet. Some old health issues might surface.

Aquarius ( 21st January to 18th February ) : As a business owner, you are likely to face tough competition. You might need to take due measures to maintain the quality of goods and services. You might do well to be attentive about receivables. Businessmen might do well to keep their cool and try and accommodate suggestions from well-wishers. Salaried people. Your performance may improve, and this might help your position. Students pursuing graduation may be able to grasp concepts quickly. However, distractions might throw them off track. Short notes might help students memorize. Post-graduate students may be busy handling adverse situations, slowing down their learning process. On the financial front, there may be an inflow of money. Beware of spending money on luxuries or other pleasures. On the relationship front, singles may want to get married. There may be some family-related issues. Try to solve them peacefully. On the health front, there may be digestive system issues.

Pisces ( 19th February to 20th March ) : Businessmen. Get ready to face stiff competition. You may need to be methodical and plan things. Planetary influences might bring good results. Businessmen might need to work more and be patient for results to start coming in. Salaried people may get useful guidance and help from their colleagues, for increasing output. Students might be able to learn things quickly and get good results. They might do well to remain focused while studying. Their progress might be encouraging. Students pursuing higher education may be able to make satisfactory progress. Those applying to foreign colleges. You might be in luck. When it comes to finances, do not be tempted to adopt unethical practices to increase your income inflow. Do not take impulsive financial decisions either. Mid-week might bring some financial gain. Do not spend money on social circles to show off. Try to save money for your future.

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