Your Weekly Horoscope – 22nd February to 28th February 2021
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Your weekly horoscope (22nd February to 28th February 2021) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and their impact on your life.

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With Mars moving into Taurus on the 22nd, this week is a great one for investments as your financial situation is set to improve. When it comes to money, you want to be thinking about how money can work for you. You earn it and then encourage it to grow; this is the mindset of wealth. You may spend a fair amount of money on travel. This could be considered a worthwhile expense so you should not feel too guilty about this. The things we learn and the opportunities we can experience via travel are true treasures. You’ll find yourself adopting a more sensible mindset this week – put it to use.


This is a highly active month for you, with Mars in Taurus encouraging you to get things done. You’ll find yourself in a very proactive and ambitious mood. Others may be surprised by the spring in your step and urge to get things done. You may even find yourself getting others moving and encouraged as you lead by example! It is very natural for you to give in to excess when you feel happy and you might find that your relationship to food is highly emotional. There is a tendency to celebrate and reward yourself with food. This is not bad when exercised in moderation but that’s the key word: moderation.


As Mars moves into Taurus on the 22nd you’ll find that your professional life starts to gain momentum. Some real traction can be made this week. You may find yourself gaining a promotion or new project, they’ll be some challenge for you to sink your teeth into which stands you in good stead for the future. Financial growth is also assured and with Taurus encouraging you to be more sensible you’ll take on a more mature approach to money and think about what is best for you going forward rather than a frivolous purchase that only brings short term happiness and joy.

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Your financial condition is set to improve this week and you’ll make far wiser decisions with money. This is the impact of Mars moving into Taurus, an earth sign that values stability, possessions and security. You also value security meaning that the impact of this transit can be even more powerful and focused. Your focus will be on your home and how to transform it into the kind of environment where you could raise a family, or if family is not a focus, feel comfortable and peaceful. For you, your home is a place where you can relax and experience harmony and joy, a sanctuary away from the loudness of the world.


The impact of Mars in Taurus can initiate a challenging period for you professionally. You may feel as though you have been slowed down or even paused and things are not moving as fast as you would like; it’s like driving in the wrong gear on a motorway, things are moving but just not enough, especially for a sign like you who is so fiery and expansive by nature! This can be a good time to sit back and take stock of all that is going on. You’ll still manage to achieve the things that you need to but in a different way to how you might initially have envisioned it. You’ll learn a lot about your own resilience.


As Mars moves into Taurus at the start of this week you’ll find yourself given a little push in the right direction and sometimes this is exactly what’s needed. Once we start, we’re then able to push forward with momentum. Isn’t it true that often starting is the hardest part? You may find love this week or enjoy a new job or business opportunity. This is certainly a favourable time and a very lucky one too. This week seems to almost explode with options which might be a little overwhelming but it’s also very exciting. The potential is limitless.


As Mars moves into Taurus at the start of this week your self-confidence may falter and there may be feelings of being stuck that can be quite troubling. Is there an area of life where you feel that change is needed? Now is the time to explore what that might look like. There may be obstacles presenting themselves but due to your cardinal nature you’ll be able to move mountains. People may underestimate this week which can frustrate you because you know what you are capable of but don’t be concerned, with time people will see what you are made of!

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With Mars moving into Taurus, your staying power is through the roof. Earth energy has a way of working well with water; it might be the mountain that you carve a path through or under. Your elements work very well together and can lead to some very fruitful outcomes. You’ll also be magnetic, as if there is weight to your presence. If you need to make an impact at a job interview or in a meeting, you’ll be able to do so very effectively. This is the time to say yes to life and see exactly where it might take you. In romance, there are opportunities to meet someone new and incredibly special.


Mars in Taurus makes this week a truly delightful one as it has a way of grounding your fiery energy. Consider a campfire, the flames burn brightly from earthy origins. The earth literally holds the fire in place so that it can burn and draw others towards it. You’ll enjoy spending time at home and may even become a bit of a home body. With your attitude, you’ll never run out of things to occupy yourself with. It’s also guaranteed that you get what you want. Earth is the element of reward in practical and logical ways. You’ll see the fruits of your labour materialise this week.


This week you may need to work particularly hard if you want to achieve, but the more you put in the more you’ll get out. As such the onus is on you and you can do as much as you feel comfortable doing. With Mars in Taurus success is assured but it may just come at a slower pace than usual. You are a hard worker naturally and also incredibly patient making it easier for you to hold on when things become challenging. You’ll also find that your desire to fulfil responsibilities and obligations is heightened. Your duties become all important to you. People know that they can count on you in a crisis.


You aren’t one to focus overly on money. Of course you understand its importance but you are not a slave to it. Instead you are in love with concepts and ideas. For an air sign, you are perhaps the most earth-like with an iron practicality at your core. This is a wonderful financial period for you in which you will have plenty of money to make the purchases that you need for your home or vehicle. Your spending of money reflects your rational side – you only want to spend money in a way that enhances rather than diminishes its value and not for the sake of it.

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With Mars moving into Taurus your relationships take on more solid and earthy qualities such as warmth, devotion, perseverance and commitment. You are likely to feel very safe and content with your partner and as though you can relax and enjoy the experience of being together. They feel like someone that you can count on and you in turn will be someone dependable. Earth has a way of redirecting water which can be great for giving you a sense of focus and purpose – a driving motivation may become very apparent for you this week enabling you to get things done.