Your Weekly Horoscope for 1st November to 7th November 2020
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Aries ( 21st March to 20th April ) : On the business front, this week brings good and bad news. Businessmen may not see some efforts materialize, yet may find some reasons to be happy. Students doing graduation might not be able to memorize their portions. Post-graduation students may look for a part-time job to earn money. This week brings good news on the financial front. There may be no major expense, and you may be able to save money for the future. Single folks might feel the pressure from their partners to get married. You may spend some memorable moments with your family. On the health front, you need to be careful. If you are diabetic, watch your blood sugar level. A person with whom you have had a meaningful relationship might give you good advice for career progress. During this phase, work-based stress may affect your health. You may need to develop some creative ability to refresh your psyche.

Taurus ( 21st April to 21st May ) : On the financial front, beware of making money by unethical means, as the law will eventually catch up with you. Salaried individuals may be able to focus on the task at hand. Businessmen may be scared of stiff competition. Students undergoing graduation may run into obstacles, and students doing their post-graduation might make good progress. Couples might quarrel and the relationship might come to an end. You may be occupied on the family front. Beware of any major health issues, as planets aren't in your favor. Diabetics might do well to stay away from consuming sugar in any form. You may need to control your impulse spending. You may be able to manage routine and incidental expenses comfortably during this period. Businessmen need to stop making compromises about the quality of goods supplied by him, to match up to the competition.

Gemini ( 22nd May to 21st June ) : Competition might keep businessmen worried, even though they might feel happy by the weekend. They might get some major repeat orders from a big customer. Salaried folks may be insecure. Students pursuing post-graduation shouldn't lose their temper. If they control their emotions, they might be able to focus and memorize things better. Planetary movements dictate that you handle financial matters with care. Don't spend money impulsively and unnecessarily. Singles may enter into a romantic relationship with someone living in the same vicinity. However, it would be wise to stay alert about the same as there may be some family-related issues. On the health front, you need to watch out. Work out regularly to keep any health issues at bay. Getting into such a habit will aid you even in the long run. Trying meditation may also help maintain a peace of mind.

Cancer ( 22nd June to 22nd July ) : Salaried folks, you need to put in more time and effort at work. Your bosses will pressure you to increase your output. Businessmen, get ready to negotiate more than one deal. You may face some troubles when you try to get your goods delivered on time. Mid-week is more profitable for you. Graduation students may be able to memorize well. They may make encouraging progress during this time. Students pursuing post-graduation, beware of getting caught up with unimportant stuff. If you don't spend time with your studies, your progress might suffer. Singles in a relationship might face pressure from their better half to get married. Married folks may be concerned about the indifference attitude shown by their partner. Try not to pop painkillers, but use external treatment methods. There's no major health issue during this phase. You may be in your best shape yet.

Leo ( 23rd July to 22nd August ) : Businessmen may get ready to face some stiff competition. You may be, however, in luck as you get to sign a great deal. Short term travel is on the cards and may yield results. Career people may do well to increase their output. On the academic front, students pursuing graduation may find their learning prowess slow. Students thus may not make progress as they want. Post-graduation students might be in a tight spot handling difficult situations. Progress for them this week is tough. When it comes to finances, you might conceptualize a plan to increase your income. At the same time, keep some money aside for untoward expenses. Overall, your financial position may be healthy. Singles may be able to get the attention of the opposite gender, even if it takes time, and a love relationship might bloom. On the health front, things will be under control.

Virgo ( 23rd August to 22nd September ) : Students pursuing graduation may have the support of the planets. Students might do well to stay focused on their studies and not get distracted. Businessmen might do well to keep their cool and patience, as Mercury is currently in retrograde mode, indicating some uncertainty. Businessmen might execute small deals to keep their hopes alive. Salaried folks may be able to perform effectively. On the financial front, refrain from taking risks. There may be some expenses on the domestic front. Midweek might be a good time for singles to try to develop a lasting relationship with a member of the opposite gender. Married folks may enjoy bliss. There's no relationship issue in this phase. On the health front, beware of minor issues that may crop up. If untreated, it might lead to complications. Middle-aged folks might do well to watch their health.

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Libra ( 23rd September to 22nd October ) : Singles are likely to meet someone special and embark on a beautiful journey. On the marriage front, things might be rocky. Businessmen. Get ready, for you may revive contacts with old customers, according to planetary movements. You may even strike some mid-size deals during the middle of the week. Salaried folks may feel slightly insecure about their position. Favorable planetary movements for students pursuing graduation mean that the latter may be able to learn and memorize concepts well. Favorable planetary movements indicate an inflow of funds during this phase. Though there may not be any major expense, keep aside money for your family and for some minor home repairs. Family time may be pleasant during this phase. On the health front, joint and muscle pain might plague middle-aged folks. Beware of upper-body injuries. Try to keep your fitness levels up by exercising.

Scorpio( 23rd October to 22nd November ) : The Sun governs Scorpio during this phase, which means a good time for businessmen who might make progress. However, push any prospects of progress ahead. Don't spend money on development or expansion either. Salaried people, you may be uncomfortable at work, and this might affect your performance. Students doing their graduation might run into adverse situations. They might not be able to make time out to study. On the financial front, planetary movements indicate that you might need to increase your effort to increase your income. Try not spending money on luxuries, as overspending prevents you from saving money for future needs. Married folks may enjoy it despite a few barriers. On the health front, the Sun moving through Scorpio may mean you might be in the best shape ever. However, be careful of unexpected injuries. Try to exercise in the morning to be in good shape.

Sagittarius ( 23rd November to 21st December ) : For students, this period might bring agitation, slowing their academic progress. Post-graduate students might do well to avoid distractions. On the business front, individuals may face challenges and might do well to refrain from taking any undue risks to boost sales. Businessmen may be able to strike a mid-sized profitable deal, during the weekend. Salaried folks need to ward off distractions to perform effectively at work. On the financial front, there may be a marginal inflow in the amount of money. Don't splurge in your social circle to show off. The lack of any expenses means you may be able to save money for the future. On the relationship front, there might be trouble in paradise. Couples might need to sort out issues in case they crop up. On the health front, beware of viral infections. Try working out in the morning to stay fresh throughout the day.

Capricorn ( 22nd December to 20th January ) : On the health front, middle-aged and senior folks may need to watch out when it comes to nagging health issues. Performing some physical activities in the morning might help. Businessmen may face obstacles during this phase, for them to push sales. They need to address these challenges and go after their objective of increasing sales. Businessmen may also ink a deal with a rich customer, thus raising their spirits. Salaried folks may perform well, thus increasing their output. On the education front, graduate students may not give much attention to their studies and thus hamper them. Planetary movements indicate a comfortable financial position, with an increased income flow. There may be some domestic expenses though. Singles might fall in love with a coworker, and initiate a romantic relationship that blossoms. Married folks may have it easy while families may enjoy comfortable times.

Aquarius ( 21st January to 18th February ) : Businessmen might have to take precautions when traveling to meet potential clients, according to planetary movements. However, midweek, things may look up for them, as they might land a chance to tie up with a foreign company. Businessmen might go abroad to finalize this tie-up. For day-jobbers, work stress may be present, causing them to work for extended hours. On the education front, students pursuing science or IT related subjects in graduation might do well to memorize their lessons effectively. Only then might they have any progress. Students doing post-graduation may remain attentive and make progress. On the financial front, planetary movements indicate trouble. Don't take undue risks to earn income. Exercise discretion and caution when you spend. Try saving money for future needs. On the relationship front, couples may face some trouble due to some misunderstandings. Married folks may enjoy life to the fullest.

Pisces ( 19th February to 20th March ) : Businessmen may face challenges and may need to face these to make any progress. Salaried folks may get a new employment opportunity, that pays them more and has better growth prospects. For students, some minor family issues might crop up that might distract them from their studies. Post-graduate students might receive help from their professors. When it comes to finance and money, you shouldn't handle money impulsively. The weekend might get you some financial gain. There might be no big expenses during this period for you. Singles may face some pressure to get married. Couples in relationships might face some trouble. Family-related issues might cause you discomfort. On the health front, be very careful of your health, especially your throat. Visit a physician in case of any anomalies, to prevent any further health complications. It would be wise to maintain a proper diet and also exercise to stay fit.

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