Your Weekly Horoscope – 1st March to 7th March 2021
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Your weekly horoscope (1st March to 7th March 2021) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and their impact on your life.

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You have a very specific kind of razzle dazzle this week which makes you a joy to be around. As well as enjoying financial prosperity, you’ll be hyperactive, highly social and intensely energised making this a formidable time for you across all areas, from career to romance. Taking on new projects, hobbies or passions is also advised as you’ll bring an intoxicating sense of fun to all that you do.

You will draw others into your orbit fairly effortlessly and find new friends and potential romantic partners. If love is something you are looking for, this is the perfect time to find a really joyful partner. The fierceness of your fire can cause some to retreat from the flame. Remember to soften around those who are of a gentler disposition. Fire can be gentle, like a candle as well as raging, like a forest fire. Explore all aspects of your element.


Professionally this is a wonderful week for you and one in which you are able to develop, evolve and grow. For earth signs, the opportunity to develop is quite crucial because it is fairly easy for you to stagnate or to evolve incredibly slowly in ways that are almost invisible to the naked eye!

This week you can see what you are made of, complete pending tasks and bask in the appreciation and gratitude of those around you. Tying up loose ends comes naturally during this time and you’ll feel a great sense of relief as you can finally finish what you’ve started. This is a great self-confidence booster. It’s easy for you to immediately want to catapult into the next ‘thing’, but it’s vital that you take the time to enjoy the fruits of your labour and pause for a while. Allow yourself to relax whilst you cook up the next project.


This week presents some challenges as you may find yourself unable to save money. This is a good opportunity to reflect on your own habits and beliefs around money. What can you change about your own way of managing money that will benefit you in future? You may feel out of sorts and less ‘sunny’ in your disposition. There may be areas of your personal life that feel unfulfilling in some way.

You may have been playing it safe and going along to get along but actually you may be desperate for change, in fact there can be a real hunger for something new. Get in tune with yourself on a deep level so you can take your next steps. It’s tempting to make superficial change to sate the need for more meaningful change deep down. Be wary of this tendency so that you don’t keep repeating the same day whilst hoping for a different life.

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This is a wonderful week for you professionally and you will find that you perform at your peak. It is very easy for you draw attention to yourself and to be appreciated by those senior to you. This can be an incredible time to make a great deal of progress. Beyond simply making an impact in your career, you may find yourself attracting a potential romantic prospect in the office. They say not to mix business with pleasure but if you proceed cautiously and take your time getting to know one another, a lasting love union can result from this.

Enjoy this fruitful and wonderful period. You are sentimental in love, and you require a partner who is emotionally deep and protective. Do not sell yourself short. You are an emotional being and your feelings should be honoured in all their colours and sounds. The right partner will speak your secret language with ease and understanding.


Health is the key to wealth and success. When we prioritise good health we enable our whole self to flourish. If you can take the time to prioritise your self-care, you’ll blossom this week. They say that prevention is the best cure and truer words have never been said. It’s important that you follow this advice and take appropriate measures to put your health first. The fundamentals are always the most important steps to take: eat well, rest and take exercise.

This holy triad will stand you in good stead not just for this week but beyond. Do not be too prideful or too in your ego to acknowledge your vulnerabilities. Fire signs can be erratic and sometimes the excess of confidence you possess can work against you. You are not immortal and you are not beyond human ills and ailments. Take pride in your ability to care for yourself as best you can.


This is a wonderful period to enjoy the glorious fruits of your labour. Primarily this is represented by monetary gain. You are no stranger to hard work. Being an earth sign, you possess the methodical focus to get things done and very efficiently too. Perhaps even more valuable than material wealth comes health, and you’ll be in good spirits emotionally and mentally too. This is a wonderful time for victory in all areas. The envy of others will rise up but you will not be influenced by it.

You’ll recognise that it is simply a sign that you are doing big things in the world for only those doing less can be threatened by your progress. What you need to guard against is a tendency to feel like you need to be doing more or starting something new straight away. Slow down, go easy, and move steady. Pauses can be pregnant with potential for future action. Your worth is not determined by your business.


You may find that your mind takes on the qualities of your element of air this week. How can one describe air? It is changeable and endlessly on the move. It is a hard thing to capture or define, it resists these things inherently. You will lack focus and concentration which naturally impacts your ability to excel in the workplace and may put you on the back foot in your personal life too.

You should consider returning to a consistent meditation practice. If one is already in place, make it longer. You may consider changing something in your immediate environment to help bring clarity and peace of mind. Exercise is a helpful tool for you as well, taking the edge off of some of your powerful or challenging emotions. Journaling can also be a useful way to pour out some of your thoughts and emotions too, so find the approach that works best for you.

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Spending quality time with others is one of the best uses of our time, especially if you are as emotional a creature as you can be dear Scorpio. This week your focus is on your loved ones and on family gatherings. You have an intense need to be with those you adore, including your elders from whom you can learn a great deal. This is a great opportunity to reconnect with your mother or maternal connections. Feminine energy has soothing, nourishing qualities and you require some nurturing this week.

The atmosphere at home is gentle and harmonious – a wonderful environment to rest and recuperate. You are a feminine sign and this part of yourself is one you should explore more deeply. However you can relate to your feminine, take some time this week to do it. It will bring serenity to your whole being. Think about what the feminine means to you. What is your relationship to it? Work out some of those wounds.


Although you tend to be fairly carefree this week you may find yourself ruminating on something worrisome. It doesn’t matter if the nature of your worries is big or small; it exists and should be tackled. It’s important that you find a comfortable method of self-expression. Confiding in loved ones can make the world of difference to how you feel. Doing so can bring on feelings of ease and lightness much more in line with your nature. This week you may accrue some financial loss so take your finances in hand and make sensible decisions that prioritise your economic health. One of the best ways for you to work through your feelings, especially intense ones, is exercise. You are designed to be on the move (you are after all a gallant centaur) so this restless desire to wander can be quelled by literally getting moving. Dance, run, hike, and get into nature. It sooths your soul.


You are constantly seeking ways of developing especially if they result in prestige, reputation or wealth for these things are important to you and help you to feel safe and comfortable in the world. This week your focus may be on education whether conventional or personal. You are seeking knowledge so that you can develop your capabilities and knowledge base for you know that knowledge is ever-evolving and it’s important to remain on top of the changes so that you can be at the forefront.

You may find yourself presented with opportunities to study overseas. This week you feel energised and excited by all the options available to you and you have the focus, discipline and consistently to really make great strides. Take some time for joy as well, for above all else, this is the true purpose of life. Balance the need for work with play. Sometimes the two worlds coincide.


Your mind tends to hone in with the focus and clarity of an eagle but this cannot always be so and this week is one of those times. You’ll find yourself lacking concentration especially at the workplace which can lead to faults or delays in your work. You may find that others do not have your best interests at heart or that they appear to be unavailable and cold. You could harbour some bitterness or resentment if you do not find a way to address how you feel.

Your financial condition requires some attention for you may not be keeping track of your spending habits. Fortunately your personal life hums along pleasantly. Your mind is a fantastic shrine capable of amazing feats, but it can also become obsessive and compulsive. Try to find some lighter indulgences to ease any intensity. Artistic pursuits where you can hone in totally on something can do you the world of good.

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You may find yourself struggling financially this week either due to a property dispute, debt or other monetary problems. Getting your spending habits in check is a sign of maturity and growth and you are well on your way to making better financial decisions. In terms of your personal life you may feel distracted and overwhelmed as though you cannot give much of yourself to others. Feeling scattered can make it difficult for you to commit or focus in any particular way.

Start small and shrink overwhelming tasks down into manageable chunks so that you can complete what you start. Do not overwhelm yourself too much. If you can make things mystical or playful, you will be able to enjoy them so much more. Your imagination is rich and strong, so allow it to come out from time to time. You will not be surprised at the truly wonderful things you are able to create.