Your Weekly Horoscope for 17th January to 23rd January 2021

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Aries ( 21st March to 20th April ) : You may be growing to new levels in your family business or property deals. You should go for trips related to job or business trips if needed this week. Avoid unhealthy discussions with your business partner as it can bring arguments and stress in your work area. Give freedom to your partner for little things they like. Sharing memories with them is beneficial to strengthen your relationship. Unmarried individuals must spend good time with their romantic partner before committing. A small family outing may incur some expenses. Moreover, short trips may also give expenditures. Your siblings may help you with some financial support if you need it. The students of mass communication are likely to get expected results in a job interview. It is advisable to keep a healthy mind and steer clear of worries as it can influence your health. Make sure that your sleep is not hampered during this week.

Taurus ( 21st April to 21st May ) : Your expectations may come to fruition during this week. There are chances of your savings getting disorganised due to sudden expenses. But, you may have some earnings and can maintain the finances during the next phase of the week. Also, travelling and some domestic matters may cause you expenses. It is advisable to keep a positive outlook in your relationships. There are chances of a small celebration with your family members and partner. You may go overseas or a place of pilgrimage during this phase. Singles may get a proposal for a relationship. You are likely to strike a lucrative deal with your business partner. There are favourable chances of getting promoted or given a position of authority in the office. It is advisable to remain very cautious at the workplace while you send an official email or message. You must check the content of the email or message before sending it.

Gemini ( 22nd May to 21st June ) : The natives who are single should think of their wellbeing as well. Keep down some of the additional burdens and duties that you were carrying on your shoulders. Students need to remain careful that they do not deviate from their educational pursuits as it may dishearten your family. There are high expectations that your parents and siblings have from you. As for political leaders, rivals may try to create problems for you. It is advisable to be extremely cautious in everything you do this week. Sports natives who are waiting for confirmation letters in a new job may receive them this week. Those who are in the arts field may see fresh and beneficial opportunities coming their way. It highly depends on you whether you can use these opportunities in the best way. This week may need you to be extremely patient and sincere. This phase is likely to bring you happiness.

Cancer ( 22nd June to 22nd July ) : This week, you may enjoy fortifying experiences in your love life, though there may be some confusing matters too. This deems to be a favorable phase to express your feelings. However, past issues may be stirred up, which can hamper your love equation during this time. You may have monetary earnings, but it may be a bit challenging for you to speed up your financial growth and attain your goals. The week seems to favour you for taking some crucial and significant steps related to your career. But, it is advisable to maintain cordial relations with your bosses so as to avoid petty arguments. Students may have the support of planets to make progress in academics. However, they must give sincere efforts and avoid spending time on trivial activities. The planetary placements may help you remain in the pink of health. Manage your work and life in a better way to remain physically and mentally fit.

Leo ( 23rd July to 22nd August ) : Planets may work in your favour on almost every matter during this week. You are likely to feel the intense forces of the planets at the start, which may be a bit uncomfortable. Be ready to face your fluctuating emotions. You can advance with your projects at this time, and as the week moves ahead, you would be successful. Take some time for contemplation. Analyse your past actions and strategies to fulfil your needs in a better way. This would help you continue routine tasks efficiently. The last phase may give you stability, but you may be unable to fully enjoy your love life. Your financial condition may improve but make sure that you don’t misuse money to avoid any stressful situation. This seems to be a favourable week for your professional growth. Avoid making big decisions in a hurry. Your grasping power would be good in studies. A bit of emotional turmoil may affect your health.

Virgo ( 23rd August to 22nd September ) : The planetary movements this week may bring some hindrances in your career prospects. You may find yourself in a dilemma and confusion between your interests, which can pull you in different directions. It is advisable to go with the flow. Things may improve around the mid phase of the week. You would plan your finances more effectively, which may help you run your monetary needs appropriately. This period seems to be vital for your love and relationship. You may experience a big change in a close relationship with someone this week. Arguments may arise in your relationship, Try to bring meaningful conversations that can enhance your compatibility and compassion. You may get a boost in your academic performance, which would please your parents. You may be able to finish difficult projects this week. Your fitness levels may remain sound. But, avoid going to extremes, emotionally and physically to keep your health green.

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Libra ( 23rd September to 22nd October ) : This week may deem to be favourable for you. Students may see an improvement in focus during this phase, particularly if they are into higher education. Those pursuing law or accounting will need to concentrate more on your studies. Study with practical examples that can enable you to understand conceptual knowledge properly. Natives who shifted to a different city can expect their in-laws or parents to visit them as a surprise. Your life would be filled with happiness and cheer due to their arrival. Individuals who wish to buy a vehicle may see luck working in their favour this week. If you are hoping to buy your first dream car, you may be successful in it. You are required to strike the perfect balance between professional and personal life that may be disturbed this week. With the help of your understanding, you would be able to find the answers to every issue that comes this week.

Scorpio( 23rd October to 22nd November ) : You would work sincerely during weekdays and party wholeheartedly during the weekends. You may adhere to this devotedly this week. Being overly calculative may put you in a defensive mode this week. Particularly if it is about working on important tasks, you may become more selective. You may feel extremely generous and would want to support people. A few natives need to remain extra cautious about their relationship. You may become overly protective in life. There may be a temporary slowdown in your office work, which can give you time to check your to-do lists placed on your desk. Some of you may face some tricky situations this week. Try to deal with them patiently and tactfully. You may get caught up in some anxiety or agitation. So ensure that you relax. Avoid making crucial decisions and the ones you are doubtful about during this phase. The week seems favorable to start a new business or self-employment.

Sagittarius ( 23rd November to 21st December ) : You may need to present yourself in front of others in a more reasonable manner. A few natives may experience their love life start blooming with excitement. You may go out on a romantic dinner. Travelling to a close place is on the cards. Your past dues may come to you smoothly. A few individuals may come across a lucrative job opportunity this week. Students pursuing higher studies would perform. You may be given a new responsibility in your job, but it would demand extra hard work. Additionally, some of you may be able to tackle career politics. However, be careful as it may be challenging to avoid the provocations coming from your opponents. If you are planning to go on a foreign trip, some delay may occur in the approval of Visa. Business would fetch you additional gains from new clients. It is advisable to avoid credit deals and have a clear contract in place.

Capricorn ( 22nd December to 20th January ) : There are strong chances of you getting promoted or experiencing development in business this week. However, be careful about committing any sort of mistake. Major changes may take place in your office, so make the best use of this golden phase to shine. If you are not into the PR field, you may need to promote your skills and accomplishments. Though it may be difficult, you can market yourself with effort. Make sure that you showcase yourself clearly and spread your message easily. Your seniors may appreciate you. Businessmen may get an extremely lucrative partnership offer. You must avoid addictions and even late-night parties to maintain your health. Individuals inclined towards adventurous sports may get injuries. Hence, always carry a first aid box on such trips. It is advisable to ensure that you restrict your diet to a strictly healthy one. You may finally enjoy a sound sleep this week.

Aquarius ( 21st January to 18th February ) : You may go out to close distant places in association to your professional work. You are likely to make financial gains with some expenses if you are going on business trips. There are chances of going out on long journeys with your spouse. You may get to spend quality time together. If there is a communication gap in your love life, it may bring challenges and strain your relationship. Try to deal with situations calmly. Unknown fears may bring you sleepless nights and impact your health. You may enjoy a fun-filled time with your friends and may also celebrate with them. There are chances of you making sufficient gains this week. Making crucial decisions in your family can support you monetarily. You may see good changes occurring in your office. There are chances of receiving gifts from your loved ones. The developments at the home front will draw your attention. You may be handed over some important responsibility.

Pisces ( 19th February to 20th March ) : You are likely to go on small professional trips. There are chances of saving money this week. Your commitment towards relationships would play a huge role. You may experience communication gaps in your conjugal life. The planetary transits depict that you may suffer from sleepless nights. Hence, try to avoid petty discussions before going to sleep. It is also advisable to take care of your diet to remain healthy. Students may see their dreams coming true as they may get admission in a foreign institute. They can also go on small educational trips. You may need to bear expenses on a vehicle repair. Natives who are into writing or journalism field are likely to have a favourable time. There are chances of joining a new workplace or there may be some changes in your office. Keeping your communication polite with bosses would help you avoid challenges at the workplace this week.

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