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Venus Australis

Tap into your optimistic spirit on Sunday, when material Venus conjuncts with lucky Jupiter. This is a beautiful day to invest in yourself. This transit also enhances our collective romantic sparkle. Our passions rise later on in the day as fiery Mars opposes chaotic Uranus. Guard your tongue as these planets clash against each other. It can be tempting to bring up old wounds, or get nit-picky in conversation — remember to keep your cool. Are you thinking about starting a new venture? Do your research before you start your engines on Tuesday as the Moon begins a new phase in Sagittarius. This Moon supports those who seek out change, instead of just reacting to it. Neptune, the planet of dreams and illusions, moves direct on Wednesday, allowing us to enjoy our fantasies again. Look back to any wake-up calls you had since June 21 when Neptune began his retrograde motion — these are important lessons to take with you. Find a productive way to channel your creative voice as chatty Mercury trines imaginative Neptune on Thursday. This is a brilliant time to brainstorm, as people aren’t focused on minute details. We’re ready to take risks on Thursday, as material Venus trines imaginative Uranus. This transit could inspire you to get more adventurous in the bedroom. Don’t know where to start? Try adding some sex books to your personal library for a little assistance. Saturday is anything but lazy as communicative Mercury sextiles responsible Saturn. Use the first day of the weekend for getting on top of your task list. Use this positive transit to organise your documents, attack your laundry and get ready for the upcoming week.

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March 21 to April 19

You’ve got to be you’re smart with your time, Aries. Prioritise your resources on Sunday as financial ruling Venus conjuncts with intellectual Jupiter. This sweet transit will help you discover and realise your next travel or learning opportunity. Spiritual Neptune moves direct on Wednesday, helping you to recentre your inner self. Look back at the challenges that were brought to you starting June 21 — how have your self-perceptions changed? Examine the difficulties you’ve overcome as Neptune moves forward. There’s no time to waste on Saturday when wellness-oriented Mercury sextiles career-ruling Saturn. Use this powerful transit to fine-tune your routines, and get organised for the week ahead. When you prioritise your well-being, you set the stage for success. 
April 20 to May 20

You’re on top of the world, Taurus. It’s easy to view the world with a positive outlook on Sunday, as ruling Venus conjuncts with lucky Jupiter. This fortuitous transit also benefits your routines, as Venus also rules your sectors of health and work. Try not to examine your career choices too carefully on Sunday as inner-growth ruling Mars opposes professional Uranus. This transit has the power to make us feel uncomfortable in our skin, as well as create pressure to seek out dramatic change. If you’re feeling compelled to make a move, try to sleep on your decision until this tumultuous energy passes. Concerns regarding work become clearer on Thursday when grounded Venus trines Uranus. Have patience as you navigate your numerous opportunities. Line up your next adventure on Saturday as money-minded Mercury sextiles stimulating Saturn. Consider how you’d like to shape your mind as these planets complement each other.  
May 21 to June 20
Are you ready to make some serious traction at work, Gemini? Neptune, your career ruler, moves direct on Wednesday, helping you to get in touch with your creative voice. Inspect any lessons that grounded you during Neptune’s retrograde since June 21. They’re meant to help build the guidelines to help you find new inspiration as you move forward in your career. Ruling Mercury trines professional Neptune on Thursday, boosting your self-confidence at work — make the most of this favourable transit by speaking up. It’s time to sell your talents — Reserve time to get organised at home on Saturday, as domestic Mercury sextiles responsible Saturn. Creating harmony in your space will help you centre yourself. 

June 21 to July 22

A day of self-care is in order, Cancer. Domestic Venus conjuncts with wellness-minded Jupiter on Sunday, creating the perfect conditions for you to amplify your living space. Enjoy nesting in your home to support a healthy lifestyle for the week ahead. Meditate on your professional choices on Sunday when career ruling Mars opposes chaotic Uranus. Decide to be proactive on Tuesday, when the ruling Moon begins a new cycle in adventurous Sagittarius. You may be called to make an important decision that dictates a new direction for your life. Your outlook gets a little brighter on Wednesday, as lucky Neptune starts to move direct. The planet of dreams is encouraging you to fantasise and channel your creative talents once again. 

July 23 to August 2

Keep your eyes on the prize, Leo. You could stumble across a game-changer for your career on Sunday when professional Venus conjuncts lucky Jupiter. Opportunities abound during this positive transit — this is a great day to seek out a new gig or business venture. You may notice that people are ready to play again, starting Wednesday. Neptune, the planet of dreams and illusions, is moving direct helping us to reconnect with a shared spirit of curiosity and fantasy. Are you looking to change up your wellness routine? Edit your budget on Saturday when money-minded Mercury sextiles wellness-ruling Saturn. Finding a new class, fitness app or skincare routine could help you to find equilibrium to support you during the upcoming winter months.

August 23 to September 22

Thinking of upgrading your space, Virgo? You’ve got a mind for money on Sunday, as financial ruling Venus conjuncts with domestic Jupiter. Investigate your options for expansion or relocation as these planets complement each other. If you’ve felt as though your heart learned many lessons this summer, you’ll be happy to hear that love-ruling Neptune moves direct on Wednesday. The planet of dreams and illusions revealed the reality of your romantic relationships during his most recent retrograde trip from June 21. Make sure that you act with wisdom as you enter into new connections and solidify your current ones. If you’re in a relationship, open up to your partner on Thursday when ruling Mercury trines with loving Neptune. The positive influence of this transit will help you to understand your partner more clearly. Think about the last piece of work that made your proud, Virgo. Consider how you can focus your creative energy towards creating something that pleases you on Saturday when professional Mercury sextiles pleasure-seeking Saturn. 

September 23 to October 22

Speak from the heart, Libra. You’re not afraid to hold your true thoughts back on Sunday when ruling Venus conjuncts communicative Jupiter. Now is the time to be decisive. You could be called to make an important professional decision on Tuesday when the career ruling Moon begins a new phase in courageous Sagittarius. Make a conscious choice to spend your energy wisely during this transit. Did Neptune’s retrograde make you hyper-aware of your wellness decisions this year? You’ve got a good handle on how to move forward, thanks to Neptune’s direct motion starting Wednesday. Discuss what you’ve learned on Thursday when spiritual Mercury trines with lively Neptune. Focus on rejuvenating your spirit on Saturday, when inner growth ruling Mercury sextiles domestic Saturn. Organisation provides comfort. 

October 23 to November 21

If you’re looking to find a little peace on Sunday, make an effort to get out of your space, Scorpio. Wellness-minded Mars opposes domestic Uranus, creating strained energy at home. Loved ones are more apt to criticise, so dodge any tension by burning it off outside. You may need to update your strategy on Wednesday as the world becomes a more unpredictable place when dreamy Neptune moves direct. The planet of illusion is inspiring the collective to embrace their fantasies, creating a new playing field for you to navigate. Want to bring more love into your home? Make your space more welcoming on Thursday when romantic Venus trines domestic Uranus. Consider taking a decorating risk to mirror the unpredictable nature of this favourable transit. 

November 22 to December 21

You’re in control, Sagittarius. Decide to improve your well-being on Sunday as wellness-minded Venus conjuncts ruling Jupiter. You’re up for a challenge on Tuesday, as the Moon begins a new cycle in Sagittarius on at 10:05. Plant a seed that helps you to achieve your goals during this transit. If you’ve had your feet planted firmly in the ground, you’ll be ready to explore new territory starting Wednesday when domestic Neptune moves direct. A natural-born explorer, you feel most comfortable venturing into the unknown. You’re ready to make some significant decisions regarding both love and work starting Thursday, as Mercury trines with home and family ruling Neptune. It could be time for you to seek out new challenges. Review your finances on Saturday, as professional Mercury sextiles money-minded Saturn. Ask for help and reassess your goals as you move forward. 
December 22 to January 19

Are you carrying out your soul’s purpose, Capricorn? You’re given a beautiful opportunity to evaluate your career on Sunday as professional Venus conjuncts with spiritual Jupiter. Exercise patience with loved ones on Sunday as domestic Mars opposes money-ruling Uranus. You could have some tough conversations around spending as these planets clash against each other. If you’ve struggled with misunderstandings over the past few months, you’ll be happy to hear that communication ruling Neptune moves direct on Wednesday. Shake off the stiffness, and enjoy letting conversations flow freely as Neptune moves direct. Career-ruling Venus trines cash-planet Uranus on Thursday, helping you to vouch for your talents. Now is the time to show your worth — use this transit to update your professional profiles and recount your accomplishments. 

January 20 to February 18

Feeling a little on edge, Aquarius? Watch for how you react to others on Sunday as fiery Mars opposes ruling Uranus. Focus on mindfulness during this tense transit — people tend to be extra prickly. It’s time for you to make money moves on Wednesday, as money-minded Neptune moves direct. Look back at the practical lessons that Neptune’s retrograde brought you since June 21, and use them to help guide your goals going forward. Take some time to make your space your own on Thursday while home-loving Venus trines ruling Uranus. This is a promising day for you to explore new living opportunities. Take a few risks, and explore options that you wouldn’t otherwise consider — you could end up somewhere other-worldly. 

February 19 to March 20

Are you looking for a little inspiration, Pisces? Think about how you can reignite your ambition Sunday, as material Venus conjuncts with career-ruling Jupiter. Keep your cool on Sunday as conversations surrounding cash could create disagreements. Money-minded Mars opposes chaotic Uranus, causing us to act hastily. Channel your nervous energy into something productive on Tuesday as the creative-ruling Moon begins a new cycle in courageous Sagittarius. You’re back in your element starting Wednesday as ruling Neptune moves direct. Review your most significant learning experiences since the planet of dreams and illusions went retrograde on June 21 — inspect how you’ve grown and celebrate your wins. Share these realisations and accomplishments with loved ones on Thursday, while affectionate Mercury trines ruling Neptune. 

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