Your Weekly Horoscope for 07th February to 13th February 2021
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Aries ( 21st March to 20th April ) : Your spouse may be interested in religious activities. Hence, giving a helping hand to organise it at home may aid you both mingle with each other. Executing the ideas given by your spouse may bring fruitful results for you. This week is likely to favour your career and finances both. You may receive monetary support from friends and relatives. There are chances of finalising a profitable project that can help you get appraisals or rewards from your superiors. Businessmen may settle down important deals. A trip to a foreign country is on the cards for work. It is advisable for you to avoid letting success overpower you, as it may give unexpected setbacks. Your eyes may be strained due to workload, so have some resting time in between. A regular checkup and proper medication may aid you. Students need to remain consistent with their learning and practice during this week.

Taurus ( 21st April to 21st May ) : This week may give you average results. It is advisable to have a prior plan of your work and maintain an optimistic outlook in all undertakings. Singles may meet their special someone. But they must avoid taking the relationship to the next level for sometime, and postpone if there are any marriage plans. This deems a favourable phase for financial matters. Projects related to an overseas country may bring you financial rewards. There may be expenses on international trips and religious journeys. It is foreseen that you may travel abroad for a job purpose. Luck may be by your side this week. Investments associated with business may bring fruitful results. Health-wise, you may get distinct results. You may be stressed and tired due to the goodwill of your past work. Having a healthy diet and doing light exercises would help enhance your energy levels and bring liveliness in your workplace.

Gemini ( 22nd May to 21st June ) : Married couples may strengthen their bond and experience balance and happiness with their spouse this week. Singles may be waiting to meet their marriage prospects for a long time. But they should keep their hopes high, as the planetary movements may bring auspicious news this week. Going for an outing or taking rest from your busy schedule would help you be free from the tiring work for sometime. There are chances of getting opportunities for businessmen and industrialists and they may be immensely fruitful. There may be alterations made in some matters but such transformations seem to favour your future expectations. This phase is likely to be fortunate for builders and real estate agents as they may confirm some important projects. They may also feel blessed in money making this week. Politicians may see their growth graph moving upwards this week. There may be high hopes from their work, but they may get to enjoy happy moments.

Cancer ( 22nd June to 22nd July ) : Amidst good growth, you may face some friction and competition from your opponents in career this week. It would be beneficial to avoid making attempts in haste or excessive ambition, as this may bring problems. Your feelings may be revived, and you would be encouraged to bring love and charm in your love life. There is a likelihood of a significant development in your love relationship this week. You may advance steadily with appropriate financial planning. But it may ask you to have proper control over money and be cautious about your expenditures. These actions would be determining your financial condition. Although planets are supporting you, there are chances of your energy getting scattered in multiple tasks. This may feel taxing in getting the expected results in your academics. A nutritious diet and regular exercise regime would help enhance your body and spirit. It may also keep you in the pink of health.

Leo ( 23rd July to 22nd August ) : The planetary movements may demand logical moves instead of instinctive ones during this week. There are chances of facing some issues, particularly in your career. Using the needed qualities and creativity are likely to help you finish work duties efficiently before the deadline. Some tricky situations may come your way. But do not worry, as they can turn to favourable ones, as facing them can make you stronger and worthwhile. You may be hoping for fruitful monetary earnings, and this may make you happy and excited this week. This week deems to be advantageous to impress a significant person, as your testing may help enrich the possibilities in your love life. Students are likely to study and perform well in exams with their intelligence and sincere efforts. Your health may get impacted due to some tension. Hence, it would be beneficial for you to modify your lifestyle a bit so that you can be fit and fine.

Virgo ( 23rd August to 22nd September ) : You may make progress in your career, but there may be distractions in the form of a few people or circumstances. You should keep a resting time in between work. Planetary movements may improve slowly and you may see lucrative opportunities presented to you. Your earnings may remain constant. It is advisable to have a long-term goal and increase your savings rather than overspending. A disciplined approach and firm adherence to basic practices in financial transactions would be helpful. You may enjoy romantic and blissful experiences this week. You may feel rejuvenated and also socialise amidst various activities this week. Students may find this week favourable. You may be supported by others, but difficulties are likely to come your way. Hence, it is advisable to elevate your efforts to succeed. Your health would be as expected during this week, but you should also be careful and serious about your fitness.

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Libra ( 23rd September to 22nd October ) : Natives of this sign are mostly witty, kind, and engaging, hence they would rarely feel bored. Moreover, your nature enables you to participate in varied activities. This week, you may give quality time to your partner. You may see your worthiness due to this. If you remain aloof, there are chances of overthinking. These thoughts may be stressing you since sometime. You may have the enthusiasm and energy to live joyfully and attain goals that are meant for your betterment. This optimism would help you get control over inner turmoil that may have been disturbing you till now. As a result of this, you are likely to make strong decisions that would enable you to be a confident personality. Individuals hoping for an opening or a shift in their career may get solutions smoothly and easily. Do not worry, as you would start seeing fruitful results of your decisions in the upcoming time.

Scorpio( 23rd October to 22nd November ) : Your work colleagues may take their work lightly and also expect you to do the same. This may create arguments, so try to steer clear of such discussions. Some of you are likely to give serious attention to their financial matters. You may have great concentration and awareness about every task at hand. This would be helpful to succeed. Giving money as a loan to anyone would be avoided this week. You need to remain cautious while dealing with a person of opposite gender, as such situations may influence your reputation. There are chances of being stated for faults, and others may discern it as insensitive. Hence, it is advisable to have a proper plan and evaluate things before presenting them to people. The week deems to be fruitful for allowing new people in your life and starting friendships. Your determination and efforts are likely to bring you successful results this week.

Sagittarius ( 23rd November to 21st December ) : Your past efforts in your work may start reaping fruitful results during this time. You may be rewarded too. It is advisable to plan your tasks smartly and take a rest for sometime. Arguments may take place with siblings, so it would be beneficial to avoid interacting on topics that can be confrontational. If there arise any conflicts, taking a back seat would deem to be helpful in maintaining peace among family members. Natives who are in a love relationship need to remain patient so that they can move forward. It is advisable to avoid drawing hasty conclusions and passing the ultimate judgement without understanding the matter properly. This week, your money and finance would remain significant. There are chances of getting good returns from previous investments. Things would be average on the professional front. Keeping patience and staying cool is needed, as slowly new and beneficial opportunities are likely to come.

Capricorn ( 22nd December to 20th January ) : It is advisable that children obey the guidance of elders. Their advice may help you come out of tough problems this week. There are chances of going on a trip. This is likely to bring your long-term goals and ambitions near. You should remain optimistic and hopeful, as it may enable you to give your best in your ventures. Medical professionals may get praised for their devoted service. Natives trading in the stock market may get fruitful results. It is advisable to utilise this time in the best and advantageous way, as such phases rarely come in life. However, you should also remain careful and examine the trends. Teachers may find this as a stressful week. They may be engaged in a bunch of tasks together. Some natives need to behave in a disciplined manner with their partner. Individuals planning a wedding may need to reschedule it for some reasons.

Aquarius ( 21st January to 18th February ) : The week may be beneficial for self-development and grooming your personality. Hence, taking valuable time for yourself is advisable. Shopping is foreseen this week. Connecting with old friends may bring your joy. Some inevitable workloads and duties may keep you busier. Try to avoid disagreements with your spouse and give them some of your quality time. This can help you solve stressful situations that may come during this week. It is a wonderful time for love and romance. Monetary help and support may be offered to you. It is advisable to remain calm and composed in your office. There are chances of experiencing difficulties for married couples. Giving space and letting your partner feel secure to express their emotions may be helpful. You may be inclined towards creative work. You may have arguments with your siblings this week. Commitment is needed in order to bridge the gap with your friends and family members.

Pisces ( 19th February to 20th March ) : There is a likelihood of attending important meetings in your office. Your plans may need some modifications, which may bring restlessness to you. It is advisable to work based on your priorities. Past business plans may bring fruitful results this week. Going for trips in regard to business matters is foreseen. Health issues should be handled with due care instead of ignoring minor problems. You may have uneasiness during sleep because of work pressure. Yoga and meditation may aid you to have a peaceful, healthy regime and get sound sleep. Be cautious about your immunity levels. There are chances of getting cold and fever, hence it is advisable to have warm food. You may need to remain attentive towards relationships. Avoid aggressive behaviour for small matters and try to spend valuable time with your spouse. Love life may move at a slow pace this week. Your determination would help you handle your romantic life wisely.

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