Website on writing off wrongs

Our Correspondent

One man's passion for analysing the written word ' more specifically the hand written word ' has now led him to use his skills to help others deal with every problem from job-related stress to marital woes.

Meet 26-year-old graphologist Abhinav Kumar Srivastava, a resident of Kusunda, Dhanbad, now pursuing his doctorate from NIMS University in Jaipur. Last month, Srivastava launched, a website that allows people to get their handwriting analysed and get tips on personality development, hobby identification and behaviour patterns, which in turn help resolve conflicts.

Srivastava has dedicated a special place for students of ISM, his alma mater, on the website. "I have created a special section for ISM students where they can receive suggestions on international placements and internship recommendations on the basis of graphological analysis," he said.