Webqoof: Is an Istanbul Artist Missing Sridevi? Well, No Mr Kher!

All those who (like Anupam Kher) thought that a coffee maker in Istanbul is missing Sridevi and that the artist drew the actor’s face in a cup of coffee as a mark of remembrance, you are a victim of fake news!

Fun Fact: A new study conducted by MIT researchers has found out that fake news spreads faster on Twitter as compared to real news. 

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Actor Anupam Kher recently tweeted a coffee art video claiming that the it was somewhere from Istanbul and an artist was drawing the face of Sridevi.

But, the news isn’t true, reported Hoax Slayer.

The video is neither from Istanbul nor is the face in the coffee that of Sridevi’s.

In reality, it is an old Facebook post by a South African coffee house called Gloria Jeans Coffees, which had been put out on the country’s National Women’s Day.

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The message was posted on Facebook by the coffee house in 2017. 

Kher Wasn’t the Only One to Believe It!

Well, not just Anupam Kher, even Zee News’ Marathi site posted the video believing that it was a tribute to Sridevi.

Even though Kher did mention that the message was a WhatsApp forward, he fell for it and passed it off as a message remembering Bollywood’s Chandni. The fake video message has garnered more than 51.8k views and over 900 shares in less than 2 days.

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(With inputs from Hoax Slayer)

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