‘Wearing Few Clothes Effect Men’: Pak PM Blames Rape Victims Again

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In an interview with Axios’ journalist Jonathan Swan, which aired on HBO 20 June, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan once again blamed victims of rape, saying, “If a woman is wearing very few clothes, it will have an impact on the man, unless they are robots. It’s common sense.”

The PM was answering a question regarding the rising sexual violence in Pakistan.

Khan had made similar remarks in April 2021, when he said that sexual violence was a result of the western concept of ‘vulgarity'.

A caller had questioned the PM on the government's plan of action in view of the rising incidents sexual violence and rape, especially against children.

Responding to it, Khan said, it was important for societies to protect themselves against fahashi (vulgarity) and encouraged the Islamic concept of purdah as a way of removing “temptation” from society.

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Further, the Prime Minister said that some people in society "cannot keep their willpower in check".

Khan's remarks had drawn criticism from women journalists, as well as his former wife, who said that she hoped his rape remark is a "misquote or mistranslation" while adding that the "onus is on men".

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