Wearable Chairs are a Thing Now But the Internet is Unwilling to Take a Seat

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Have there been times you have gone to a gathering, only to find that there is no place for you to sit, and have to endure a lengthy event, standing in the corner? Well, standing room only may now be a thing of the past.

A tweet by Tech Insider on Wednesday revealed a wearable chair that would allow people to take a seat -- practically anywhere they choose to.

Taking to Twitter, Tech Insider posted a short clip of the chair, writing, "This wearable chair could change how we work and travel."

LEX, the wearable chair, according to Tech Insider, is designed to be an "extension of your body" and is made of "lightweight aerospace-grade aluminium" which makes it both "lightweight and sturdy."

According to creators Astride Bionix, the design of the chair helps with posture and can benefit in long commutes, travels and even in the workspace, revealed an earlier Insider article.

According to Tech Insider, the LEX wraps around the user's waist and thighs and has a seat attached to the rear. Two metal legs are connected to the seat that can either dangle as users walk or clip to the seat.

The 3-pound chair can support up to 265 pounds they further added.

Soon after Tech Insider shared the short clip on social media a number of people came up to comment on it with some calling it having a "rugged individualism", while others compared it to Modern Family's Phil Dunphy's 'Wear Chair.'

Some even compared it to be a "kickstand" for the posterior region.

Here's how people reacted to LEX, the wearable chair: