WB polls: ‘Centre’s relief for Amphan got stuck in ‘bhaipo window’, says PM Modi

Purba Medinipur (West Bengal), Mar 24 (ANI): “2 May, Didi jacche, ashol poriborton asche,” said Prime Minister Narendra Modi while hitting at West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee during a rally in poll-bound West Bengal’s East Medinipur on March 24. “2 May, Didi jacche (CM Mamata is going), ashol poriborton asche (Real development is coming), can be heard across Bengal. Didi hasn't been able to answer those who were first destroyed by Amphan and later by 'tolabaaz' of TMC. The relief sent to Bengal by Centre got stuck in the 'Bhaipo window'. Didi, Bengal wants to know who looted the relief for Amphan? Why are Amphan-struck people still forced to live under shattered roofs? Didi is nowhere to be seen when there is a need but when elections draw near, she says "Sarkar Duare-Duare". This is their (TMC) khela. Even the children in Bengal have understood it. Didi, even the children of West Bengal have understood your 'khela'. Thus on May 2, West Bengal will show door to Didi,” said PM Modi.