WATCH: Zakir Naik says Ravish Kumar a noble man, but will not get a place in 'Jannah'

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Zakir Naik and Ravish Kumar
Zakir Naik and Ravish Kumar

The Indian Islamic preacher Dr Zakir Naik, who has been in hiding in Malaysia for the last few years, has said that ‘non-Muslims’, however noble their intent, shall never find a place in ‘Jannah’ or Muslim heaven.

Specifically referring to the journalist Ravish Kumar, whose efforts of ‘taking the side of Muslims’ and ‘showing the ugly face of oppressors’ he lauded, Naik maintained that Kumar still won’t be granted a place in heaven as he was a non-Muslim.

The video, titled ‘Dr Zakir Naik on the fate of Ravish Kumar’, was uploaded to YouTube on June 27 and has received over a hundred thousand views.

Naik was responding to a question from a viewer who asked him if well-intentioned non-Muslims like Ravish Kumar would be allowed to enter heaven.

Naik further explained that since people like Ravish Kumar had not converted to Islam, they will still go to hell because the crime of ‘shirk’ (heresy, idol worship) is bigger than any other crime.


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