Watch: Wild Dog Raises Alarm During a Close Chase by Tiger, Leaves Internet Surprised

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A set of videos of an Asiatic wild dog, itself a dominant predator, raising an alarm while being chased by a tiger in a forest in South India has created sensation among netizens.

The series of clip tweeted by a wildlife photographer shows a big cat chasing the wild dog which ran away while raising alarm. The photographer said that the behaviour of the dog was ‘unusual’.

Also known as Dhole, the wild dog famous for the vocal calls that it uses to communicate with its pack. A dhole’s whistle is distinctive that it can easily be identified by other animals.

“Tiger Chasing a Dhole aka Wild dog at Kabini. Never ever heard or seen d alarm call of Dhole in forests as they themselves r predators. But this Tiger made him to run for his life. What a peculiar sound. Amazing,” read the caption.

Various wildlife enthusiasts have commented on the post including Indian Forest Service official Susanta Nanda who himself keeps posting various animal videos on Twitter. He wrote, “I had tweeted this few days earlier. Many explanations for this strange behaviour came in. Some associates from that area informed that the dhole was trying to dissuade the tiger to go further as it had pups nearby. Quite plausible”.

Another person said, “Great video! Wild dogs can outrun tigers anytime. W dogs make such sounds to call reinforcements. They are always in large packs. The pack is around, invisible to camera. Perhaps: 1. Dog maybe leading tiger away from pups 2. Dog maybe leading tiger (old/sick?) to ambush by pack/s”

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