Watch: Virat Kohli imitates Kesrick Williams after smashing him for six

Virat Kohli imitates Kesrick Williams's celebration after smashing him for a six in the 1st T20I vs West Indies in Hyderabad on Friday (Screengrab)

Virat Kohli brought out his aggressive side in full display in the 1st T20I vs West Indies in Hyderabad on Friday - getting into duels, complaining to the umpire, cursing himself and imitating opponent bowlers after smashing them for sixes.

Kohli, whose 94 off 50 balls led India to a 6-wicket victory, had a run-in with Kesrick Williams throughout India's batting innings. As Kohli would reveal after the match, the two have a bit of history from a 2017 match.

In the 13th over, Kohli and Kesrick Williams almost collided in the middle of the pitch, as the bowler went for the ball and the batsman went for a single. Kohli complained to the umpire immediately. Williams raised his hands in apology straightaway too, but the aggression from Kohli was unmistakable.

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The duel exploded in Williams's next over - the 16th over - with India still needing 54 from 5 overs.

The first ball was smashed for four over the bowler's head for four. The next ball was flicked for a six on the leg side, as the West Indies players stared in amazement at the ease with which Kohli had pulled off the shot.

It was then that Kohli brought out the notebook celebration, making the Hyderabad crowd go wild, as Kesrick Williams looked on in amusement.

In 2017, Kesrick Williams had given Kohli a 'notebook-style' send-off after taking his wicket - something that the India skipper has not forgotten. The incident had happened in the one-off T20I in Jamaica. Williams had got Kohli out on 29 and celebrated by bringing out the notebook. On Friday, Kohli had his revenge.

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Speaking about his actions after the match, Kohli said, "It happened to me in Jamaica when he got me out. So I thought I'll tick a few in the notebook as well, but all good. There were a few words, but smiles at the end. That's what you want to see. Good competitive cricket but in the end shake hands and give a hi-fi."