WATCH: Viral Video Reveals Why You Should Not Spray Alcohol Based Sanitizers on Your Vehicle

The exponential spread of COVID-19 in India has forced the country to be alert and cautious. The spread has taken grave turns in the past few months and with the flattening of the curve nowhere in near sight, people are recommended to continue the strict measures to break the chain of spread.

However, as people take several measures to sanitise and curb the spread, here is an instance of what could go terribly wrong at such an instance. The video below shows guards of a gated society spraying alcohol-based disinfectant sprays on vehicles before entering.

The guard sprays disinfectant on the scooter and lets him go inside. However, the second time around when a motorcycle comes the sprayed disinfectant catches fire engulfing the motorcycle in flames. We suspect the heat of the engine and the peak summer temperature outside might have triggered the flame. The flame spreads to the rider in no time who suffers mild burns himself.

Post the fire, it could also be seen that the fire extinguisher provided at the guard’s office was non-operational. Such disinfectants are not safe to be used anywhere near a vehicle, including storing it inside the car. This is not the first instance when an alcohol-based disinfectant has caused a serious fire. A while ago, a little girl was left with burns on her face after a bottle of hand sanitiser left in a hot car exploded.

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