Situation Resolved: Vir Deletes Clip of Neighbour Harassing Him

After calling out a neighbour for harassment and posting a video of the incident, actor-comedian Vir Das has taken down the video, saying that the situation has been “resolved for now”. “Situation resolved for now. I'd like to thank the authorities, my landlord, our wonderful neighbours, bandra community, and the internet. We got a full night's sleep last night, no ghosts. Video now going down. My family and I thank you”, he tweeted.

Vir Das recently took to Twitter to post a video of his neighbour sneezing on him and harassing him for allegedly not following social distancing norms in the complex where Das resides. Apart from the video, Vir also put out a detailed statement rubbishing the claims that he refused to follow the proper guidelines. The statement has also been deleted.

In the over three-minute-long video posted on Sunday (24 May), the man can be seen charging at Vir Das despite the latter asking him to maintain a six feet distance. The man asks Das to wear a mask, step inside his house and even sneezed at him. He also threatened to slap the comedian.

The man also claimed that the house wherein Vir resides is his and that his dead parents are going to “haunt him (Vir Das)“. The comedian later clarified that the man is not his landlord, rather a resident of the complex.

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“I live on the ground floor. We've got a little sit out. At 10 pm a neighbour came by, because we had cooked dinner for them too. We do that with them and also some of the others within the complex. We gave him a chair fifteen feet away, fully socially distanced. My neighbour had a can of coke from his house, a mask on, which he had pulled down to have a smoke.

“I was on the outdoor sit out area of my house, neighbour was in the complex, fully socially distanced. Five minutes later, this happens. This man is not my landlord, he lives on the first floor of the annex building. He is upset because my landlord inherited the house I live in and he didn’t”, Das’ statement read.

He also added that the man does own his doorstep or sit out, and wondered what he did would qualify as harassment.

"“I’m not sure if an old man threatening to assault me, or sneezing on me, or asking his dead parent to haunt me qualifies as harassment. But this is a little ridiculous.”" - Vir Das

On Monday, 25 May, Vir posted a note of apology to his fans for sharing his “personal drama”. However, he claimed that the man in question has been harassing him, his wife, his staff and many people in his housing society for “eight months”.

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