Watch: Video of Water Defying Gravity to Flow Upwards is Breaking the Internet

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Defying the gravity, a whirlwind of water, in a video, can be seen rising from the sea and reaching up to the top of a cliff. Samy Jacobsen came across the incredible view while walking along the cliff in the Faroe Islands, according to Yahoo News. Faroe Islands consists of 18 major islands and it falls under the Kingdom of Denmark. Owing to the rugged terrain, the climate in Faroe Islands remains windy, wet, cloudy, and cool.

As per weather experts, the phenomenon occur when a rotating column of air forms like a tornado over the sea or other body of water and a cliff edge spins the wind in a circular motion. As a result of this phenomenon a water spout, a whirling mass of fluid or air, is formed. Spouts generally occur in the tropics and subtropical areas.

Greg Dewhurst, senior operational meteorologist at the Met Office, talked of the phenomenon as “spectacular”, reported Daily Star.

Dewhurst, expressing his excitement, described his experience at the operations centre. He said that the event appeared as a water spout, adding that the turbulent weather and heavy showers helped form the spout. He also said that the water spouts are common during rough weather.

Watch the video here: