Watch Video: Mallika Sherawat’s Angry Reaction On Asifa-Kathua Case!

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The Asifa-Kathua case has left us all in shock and fear, it has made us realize as a country just how unsafe we are in today’s times. Inhumanity to such an extent cannot be taken lightly or brushed off, it isn’t something that we have to or should be able to deal with. Not something that we can reside with in the same space. We need laws, we need protection, we need justice in every and each way.

The most important and crucial element in bringing us to this realization is the media in our country. The media has become the backbone for the common people, it has become the only hope for justice and laws. It is a sorry state that rather than the law system of our country, we heavily depend upon the media to give us hope in such situations, to bring in justice.

Many Bollywood celebs and media have hand in hand worked towards continuously seeking for justice for the Asifa-Kathua case, and now just not Asifa but Justice For All! From Varun Dhawan to Sonam Kapoor as well as several other celebs, all have joined hands and seeked for justice. The media yet again has played a big role in this as a whole.

More than the judiciary, the media has proved to be independent and free. A very strong message was equally given out by Mallika Sherawat in the recent of Daas Dev’s special screening. Mallika Sherawat made a very valid and important point about the country and the media in it.

Recently, when Mallika Sherawat was attending the special screening of Daas Dev, when the media present there asked for her opinions on the Asifa-Kathua case. Well, her statement’s an absolute truth.

Not only that but Mallika Sherawat looked quite a bit angry as well and we absolutely relate to her emotions! Here’s how Mallika Sherawat reacted when asked about the Asifa-Kathua case.

Watch video:

Well, we couldn’t have agreed more with Mallika Sherawat’s statement!

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