Watch Video: Fans applaud Rafael Nadal's sportsman spirit against Nicolas Almagro at Rome Masters

Ashim Sunam
Rafael Nadal, Nadal's sportsman spirit, Nicolas Almagro, Almagro's injury, Rome Masters

Rafael Nadal is known for his wonderful tennis skills and when he is playing on the clay court, the Spaniard has developed a habit of defeating opponents with ease. In the ongoing Rome Masters (Italian Open), Nadal showed some incredible sportsmanship against Nicolas Almagro, who had to retire in the second round of the competition.

It was the first set of the contest between the two players and the fourth game of the match when Almagro, after a forehand shot, looked visibly uncomfortable, holding onto his knees. Almagro could not even move and Nadal moved to the other end of the court, enquiring as to what had happened, and the crowd applauded Nadal for his gesture.

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After being taken to his chair, Almagro also received some medical help. But the tennis player did not look comfortable, with Nadal looking at the medical treatment his countryman received. Even when the doctor was examining him, Nadal rested his hands on the net and looked at Almagro, hoping he will recover from that injury instantly. 

But it was not to be.

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With Almagro barely able to walk, he limped towards Nadal, stating he can no longer play, and shook the umpire's hand, signalling the end of the match. 

Though Nadal emerged victorious and took his unbeaten streak on the clay court this season to 16 wins, he was not even thinking about the win. The fourth seed was worried about Almagro's health.

Watch the video at 0:50 seconds

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