Watch video: Cricketers go the football way, involved in ugly on-field clash in Australia

Ashim Sunam
Cricket bats


Strange and weird things are happening in world cricket. Few days ago, Australia cricketer Fawad Ahmed forgot to bring his willow along while walking to bat in a Sheffield Shield match, which might have made some people break into a chuckle. However, there was no chuckling in an incident during a local Australia match between Yackandandah and Eskdale, where players were involved in a football-like ugly fight.

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One might have seen players being involved in some sledging, but such kind of fights is not a common sight. The video shows Yackandandah bowler dismissing a batsman, getting him clean bowled, and the pacer running up to his opponent, before clapping sarcastically in front of him. This does not go down well with the batsman, who knocks him down onto the ground with a shoulder charge.

One second after the knockdown, the batsman, who seems to be walking away, is knocked down by a Yackandandah fielder. The batsman gets up and charges at the fielder, who looks furious for his shoulder charge on his teammate. However, some cool heads from the fielding side takes control, dragging the two away of the scuffle, avoiding more ugly scenes.

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All the three players involved in the scene were punished for their actions. The bowler has been  slapped with a four-week suspension, while the batsman and the fielder have been banned until January 2018.

It is such incident which proves that the MCC have taken the right step to curb on-field behaviour. 

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