Watch Usher do a mean Usher in a clip from 'People You May Know' (exclusive)

Nice and slowly, the R&B sensation Usher Raymond (better known as just Usher) has quietly carved out a fruitful acting career on the side. It started with the 1998 horror movie The Faculty and has continued with other films like She’s All That (2016), In the Mix (2004), and Hands of Stone, in which he played boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard opposite screen legend Robert De Niro.

Usher’s favorite role of late, though, appears to be playing himself (or maybe a heightened version of himself). He did it in Lonely Island’s hilarious, criminally underseen mockumentary Pop Star: Never Stop Never Stopping a year ago, and he does it again in the new comedy People You May Know. (This isn’t to be confused with the time he played “The Usher,” as in a theater attendant, in 2014’s Muppets Most Wanted.)

You can catch a whiff of Usher’s latest spin on Usher in the exclusive clip above from People You May Know, a rom-com about a shy graphic designer (Nick Thune) who creates the perfect version of himself on social media in hopes of reconnecting with his high school crush (Kaily Smith Westbrook).

Written and directed by Sherwin Shilati, People You May Know also stars Halston Stage, Ian Harding, and Carly Chaikin. The film will be released on digital and on demand Nov. 28.

Watch the trailer:

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