Watch: The unusual things North Korean aides did as Kim Jong-Un arrived in Russia

People couldn’t stop sharing jokes about what would happen to Kim aides if they didn’t perform their duty well.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un arrived in Russia by train on Wednesday, a day before his much-anticipated summit with President Vladimir Putin. The North Korean leader arrived on an armoured train at the railway station in the settlement of Khasan after crossing the border into Russia. However, things didn’t go as planned as the train missed the red carpet laid out for Kim Jong-Un’s welcome at Vlapostok station — leaving his scared staff in a frenzy.

In a video now going viral, the North Korean aides are seen looking perplexed with ramps in hand since the red carpet lay between two coaches. As the North Korean aides kept holding ramps that were to be laid to bridge the gap between the train’s door and the platform, Russian officials got the train to go back a little so that the door aligned perfectly with the red carpet.

It was only after the adjustment was made that Kim, wearing a black overcoat and black fedora hat, descended from the train using a set of portable wooden steps.

And it’s not the only video of the North Korean leader’s visit doing the rounds on social media. Minutes before the leader descended from the train’s coach, another aide was seen frantically cleaning the windows of the coach. The fact that the man was wiping the outside of the moving coach surprised many.

The bizarre incidents left people in splits and some asked whether the train’s operator had sought asylum in Russia yet.

The North Korean leader’s meeting with the Russian president is seen as an attempt to rally international support for an approach to sanctions relief and gradual nuclear disarmament that the Trump administration opposes.