WATCH: UK Man Visits Supermarket in Underwear and Mask to Protest Ban on Sale of Non-essential Items

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A protest is considered as a democratic right worldwide, it is a powerful tool to express dissent or disapproval against a policy or with the functioning of a government.

However, in a bizarre incident, a man from the UK walked around a supermarket in his boxers to voice his dissent against a controversial Welsh lockdown shopping rule.

A man stripped down to his boxer shorts and attempted to enter a supermarket to protest the ban on selling ‘non-essential’ such as clothing, books and homeware items in Wales. Christopher Noden from Newport, Wales, was reportedly stopped by the supermarkets’ security staff as he tried to enter the store wearing boxer shorts and a mask.

The 38-year-old decided to protest after the local Welsh governing body issued a ban on supermarkets from selling non-essential items such as books and clothing, as part of the region’s 17-day ‘firebreak’ lockdown measure to arrest the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Noden then decided to visit the Tesco store in Spytty Retail Park sporting no clothes other than wearing his underpants and a mask to protest against the new Government restrictions. These new restrictions which kicked into force at 6 pm on Friday, have led to several supermarket stores in the nation preventing them from purchasing items which include books for children, clothes and other household items.

Noden’s supermarket entry ordeal was filmed by a fellow shopper who posted the video online and the short video clip has been viewed and shared thousands of times on Facebook.

Watch the video here:

In the video, Noden can be seen entering the supermarket in his boxers and mask when he was stopped by security personnel at the entrance and was questioned about the absence of clothing on him. The person filming the incident could be heard telling the security staff that ‘clothes are non-essential items’ and they should let him in.

According to reports, Noden questioned ‘What determines essential’ and how should plan to buy these non-essential items in case he runs out of boxers and socks. “Everything is essential at some point and in some way,” he added.

The Welsh Government’s move has received severe backlash and an online petition calling for the restriction to be reversed has garnered close to 67,000 signatures.