WATCH: Two horses get married in Bengaluru on Valentine’s Day

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In a ceremony, the two horses tied the knot in Bengaluru's Cubbon Park.

Valentine's Day is the day of love, so a group in Bengaluru decided to celebrate the day in a unique way — by arranging a wedding ceremony for two horses. Yes, the newlyweds Raja and Rani got married at Cubbon Park to mark the day with fanfare in a ceremony organised by Chalavali Vatal Paksha.

With colourful attires, decked for the special occasion, both the stallion and the mare were welcomed by supporters and guests at the event, where traditional music with nadaswaram and thavil (percussion) was played, news agency ANI reported.

Pro-Kannada activist and Kannada Vatal Party chairman Vatal Nagaraj oversaw the ceremony, where the couple was given gifts, clothes, and sweets to celebrate the day. For the wedding, Nagaraj handed out a dhoti for the groom while the bride was given a saree along with a taali, the mangal sutra. And much like any weddings, he distributed sweets to everyone who had participated.

A strong supporter of love, he also urged anti-Valentine's Day protesters not to oppose this special event. However, it's not the first time Nagaraj got animals married on V-Day. Last year, he orgnaised a wedding ceremony for two sheep called Jacob and Carolyn.

According to ANI, he also urged the central government and the state government of Karnataka to give Rs 1 lakh and Rs 50,000 respectively to the "lovers to support love" by helping them get married.