Watch: Is This How We Treat Our National Animal?

Horrific footage shows the moment a tiger was crushed by an earthmover.
The tiger – who killed two people just days before its capture – was caught in the Ramnagar Forest near Jim Corbett National Park in India and tragically died on the same night it was captured.

The video has gone viral in India and animal rights activists are furious, claiming that the tiger died as a result of injuries sustained during the capture.

The tiger was shot by tranquiliser darts and can be seen trying to move away.

When the tiger stumbles, a man in the video can be heard repeatedly shouting ‘pin it down, pit it down'. The tiger then collapses and is pinned down by the digger before another man shouts: "Tie its paws together."

Forest officials have defended the use of the digger, claiming this was the only way to subdue the animal without risking any more human fatalities.

Video Editor: Ashutosh Bhardwaj