Watch: Tornado blows away planes, topples buses in Turkish airport

Footage showed the how the tornado wrecked planes and buses on the runway. (Source: DailySabah/ Twitter)

A fierce tornado hit the airport of Antalya in Turkey injuring a dozen people, overturning buses and damaging aircraft parked at the runway. Now, dramatic footage on the incident is going viral on social media.

Passengers waiting to board their planes at Antalya International Airport filmed the tornado pushing around big planes, toppling airstairs and flipped buses over onto their sides.

According to, one aircraft belonging to Onur Air and another with Corendon Airline were damaged by the storm. The footage recorded by fliers showed how the big planes were blown away by the high-speed winds.

Many flights leaving the airport were cancelled while others were delayed more than 10 hours in the wake of the storm.