Watch: TMC MP Mimi Chakraborty bats for stricter laws against torturous treatment of dogs

Actor turned Trinamool Congress MP Mimi Chakraborty today addressed the Lok Sabha during Zero Hour and emphasised the need for strict laws against animal cruelty and urged the government to ensure regular observation of dogs.

She spoke on the enactment of proper laws for street dogs and about the ill-treatment of hotel security dogs. "There is no proper law or an Act for street dogs except for a few sections in the Prevention of Cruelty Against Animals Act of 1960 which has not fully covered them from getting regular treatment, immunisations, medicines, hospitalisation and other support," she said.

Speaking about the usage of dog squads by private handlers for security the Jadavpur MP added that the canines were being put to work constantly but were not being treated well.

"Those dogs are not getting enough food and water regularly and mistreated in the rain, sun and extreme weather conditions," she said during the Winter Session in Rajya Sabha.

"Unfortunately, after all the amendments have been made, no strict laws have been taken against the torturous treatment of dogs in the country," she added.

Watch her speech here: