Watch: Tiger refuses to let go of curtain on tourist bus, chases vehicle as driver pulls away

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The young tiger refused to let go the curtain hanging from back of the bus.

In a very close call, a jungle safari for a group of tourists turned into an encounter with a tiger that chased their vehicle. In a video that's going viral online, a young tiger is seen holding onto the plastic curtain of a vehicle with its teeth at the Nandanvan Jungle Safari in Chhattisgarh's Raipur even as the guide asks the animal to let go. However, after leaving the curtain, the tiger chases the vehicle before it speeds away.

The tourists were on a jungle safari when they came across two fighting tigers. One of them suddenly tried to grab a curtain on the window of the bus at the back. The guide is heard cajoling the wildcat to let go and keeps calling it Kanha. In the four-minute-long video, the man is heard saying multiple times: "Kanha, leave son, let it go....don't be stubborn".

The guide tells the driver not to pull away as it might anger the animal or hurt it. However, after some time he directed the driver to drive ahead a little to get the animal to letting go. When that also fails, the guide starts to call the other tiger, identified as Bijli, to distract the tiger holding the curtain. As the other tiger begins to walk forward, the tiger holding the curtain lets go.

However, the tiger then runs behind the bus and tourists are heard laughing.

Following the incident, two officials at the park were sacked for ignoring safety protocols.

"After the video came to our notice, the services of the vehicle's driver Omprakash Bharti and guide Naveen Puraina were terminated. They ignored the safari's standard protocol," Nandanvan Jungle Safari Director M Mercy Bella told PTI.

"As per our preliminary inquiry, the video was shot by the guide. Guides and drivers are trained to ensure safety of animals and visitors at the safari but these two staff ignored protocol. Instead of accelerating the vehicle, they should have waited and let the situation normalise," the official said.