Watch: Snake rescued from sleeping man’s kurta in Maharashtra

Hospital staff noticed the green snake through his kurta and alerted wildlife rescue officials.

Most people would be freaked out by the mere sight of a snake, but one man in Maharashtra’s Ahmednagar slept despite a snake taking refuge inside his shirt. The man, a relative of a patient at a government hospital, was taking a nap on the floor of the premises when the incident took place.

A vigilant member of the hospital’s staff spotted the reptile and some quick action resulted in a rescue from which both man and snake emerged unscathed.

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In a video doing the rounds online, an elderly man wearing a white dhoti-kurta is seen sleeping peacefully on a mat, while others hover around him after spotting the green snake through his kurta. Hospital staff reportedly alerted the Wildlife Rescue Society in Ahmednagar and sought their assistance. Personnel from the rescue centre managed to pull out the snake from the man’s kurta without waking him.

The video shows the rescue personnel lifting the man’s kurta to retrieve the snake, that was later identified as a green keelback, a non-venomous species.

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Watch the full video here:

The snake was later safely released into the wild.