Watch: Senior citizens walk for 8 kms to get Covid-19 vaccine jab in Uttarakhand

Senior citizens from remote areas in Uttarakhand walk for kilometres to get Covid-19 vaccine. The route in Uttarakashi is risky for elderly people as they have to cross raw trails. Locals have expressed their anger on the poor health management in the district. They say that senior citizens walk for 8-9 kms to get Covid vaccine jab from health centre. “The Covid-19 vaccination camp that has been set up is 8-9 kilometres from here. There elderly people are 80-85 years of age and they are forced to walk for so long,” a local said. India opened up vaccination on Jan 16 with priority given to healthcare, frontline workers. In second phase, those over 60 and 45 years with co-morbidities are being vaccinated. From April 1, the government decided to vaccinate all above 45 years. So far, India has crossed 6-crore mark in coronavirus vaccination.