Watch: Scores of passersby rescue biker trapped under car in China

Around 30 people lifted the car together to drag out the injured woman.

A woman had a close shave as passersby lifted a car to rescue her after she was trapped under it in a freak road accident in China. Video of the rescue mission carried out by good samaritans earlier this week is now going viral, earning plaudits online.

In the video, filmed in the city of Liuzhou in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, the woman was travelling on her bike when she lost balance and fell. However, she got trapped beneath a vehicle coming from behind.

Noticing the tragedy, other commuters on the street stopped instantly and joined to rescue the injured woman, lifting the car to drag her out.

Watch the video here:

The injured woman was rushed to a local hospital and her condition is now stated to be stable, CGTN reported, adding around 30 people jumped in to help her.

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