Watch: Santas Locked in Fierce Brawl of 'Territory' is the Most Bizarre Christmas Video Ever

Even though Christmas is just round the corner, not everyone is feeling the spirit and cheer of Yuletide, as can be seen from a video that emerged out of Russia in which two Santa Clauses can be seen engaged in a tough brawl.

The bizarre incident was caught on tape at a mall in Blagoveshchensk, Russia. In the footage, the two Father Christmases dressed in scarlet Santa robes an milky beards can be seen rolling on the ground in fisticuffs. The brawls, which was taking place inside the food court, appears to have grown out of a dispute regarding "territory" as one of the Santas can be heard yelling, "This is my territory".

The Santas appear to be salesmen in the store, dressed as Santas. Onlookers at the mall including children couldn't believe their eyes as the "mafia-style" fight continued to escalate to a point when one was holding the other in a death choke. A child present on the scene can be heard wondering if the two opponents were "drunk".

After a few seconds of the fight, a woman can be seen approaching the two in order to break up the fight. The woman admonished the men for their lack of Christmas spirit.

Watch the bizarre video here: