Watch: Puducherry CM Narayanasamy bluffs in translation during Rahul Gandhi visit

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Remember lying to your parents when they asked you what your teacher said about your homework? Puducherry CM Narayanasamy was caught in a similar situation on Wednesday — and his fibbing was caught on camera for the world to see. On Wednesday, as Congress leader and Wayanad MP Rahul Gandhi was in Puducherry and attending a public meeting with fisherfolk, Narayanasamy acted as his live interpreter. But when a woman decided to complain about the CM himself to Rahul Gandhi, Narayanasamy quickly mistranslated.

The woman, in a green sari, was talking about the state of the coastal region in Tamil. “The coastal areas have always been like this. No one is giving us support. Even this person (Narayanasamy) didn’t come to visit us during the cyclone, did he?” the woman said, to loud cheers.

However, Narayanasamy translated the opposite of it to Rahul Gandhi, in English. “During Cyclone Nivar, I came and visited the area and gave relief to them, so she is saying that,” he fibbed, even as the entire event was streaming live on his own Facebook page. 

Watch the exchange here

Soon, and predictably, the mistranslation video went viral, with many people cracking jokes at the incident.

On Wednesday, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi visited Puducherry to begin the campaign of Congress party in the Union Territory. His visit is expected to give a boost to the Congress-led government which is currently facing turmoil in Puducherry with the recent resignation of four MLAs, which led to them losing their majority in the UT Assembly. With this, the Opposition party in Puducherry, NR Congress, is calling the Puducherry government to prove its majority while Chief Minister Narayanasamy continues to claim that the party has a majority in the Union Territory.

In a 28-member Puducherry Assembly post the quitting of MLAs, the ruling Congress has 10 MLAs, DMK has three MLAs and one independent candidate. The Opposition AINRC has seven MLAs, AIADMK has 4 MLAs and BJP has 3 nominated MLAs.