80 crore Indians to get free foodgrain till November end: PM Modi

  • k
    he is saying 51 crore people will get benefit. means half of population, but after seeing in my surrounding not single person getting benefit He plays only number game. Only say some big numbers. Nothing actually happen.

  • R
    Pl. make the definition of "Garib: with illustrations. Instead of distributing Ration like this, suitable JOB could be offered to each NEEDY Person, which could add to the Revenue of the Govt. and stablilty in their life. Each unemployed in India is "GARIB". The increase in Price of Petrol etc. is a big burden upon "GARIBS" . The purpose of FREE RATION to some "UNKNOWN GARIBS " -POORS at their OWN cost does not and shall not serve the purpose of the Country. For each increase in price "PRIOR OPINION/CONSENT OF PEOPLE of the COUNTRY is MOST ESSENTIAL. May consider in the interest of People of the Nation and Govt.
  • s
    Sirji as per Jan 2020 , Indian Population was 1,387,297,452. And you are telling 80 Crore poor will get benefit. Is it mean 58 Crores are low, Middle and upper income.. Some thing not acceptable. More over I am tax payer and you thanked me. I do accept your thanks BUTTTT, I can see that people who have comes to take the Ration comes in the Bikes ( Pulsar, Active, TVA Apache ) which is not less than 1 Lk on road price, which I can not afford in this scenario. And some even who are the owner of 2 Building and getting the rent of 8 to 10 Houses comes in a car to pick the Ration. In this case I feel my tax paid money is going in the wrong hand...
    Please stop this free ration and save my money.
  • a
    After lockdown of three months we became from middle to poor but we dont have ration card then how???
  • D
    I think the business class people like small traders, small business people are facing biggest crisis and the worst time of their lives so the PM should take care of them. Poor people can survive but what about the small middle class people? They are sitting idle for 4 months without any money and food. All their savings have gone. So he should also touch upon them rather focusing on the poor class people for vote bank politics.
  • a
    For salaried middle clasd service people many of them are jobless or going for 50% salary cut. They have been paying tax before salary gets credited as per industry norm and not gujjus business class where one can evade tax. What has pm done for middle class people. Rs80 petrol as gift and stopping train service but indirectly getting pressure from office to come to office? Why cant u reduce tax of middle class people by 20% anyhow we know how evrry party uses the people tax paying money.. Erecting statue, going for world tour, going to italy london for treatment, using chartered flight to bring guest during own wedding.
  • A
    Aarti Bansal
    what about middle class, PM need not to think about the middle class?
  • g
    80 Crores need food supply?The we are in a scene that was beginning of Free India in 1947,when our Farmers were not equipped at all.Green revolution did wonder when Late Lal Bahadur Shashtri was the PM.Have we lost all these successes due to indiscriminate handling of food grains.May be we are loosing grains during storage or due to not adequate storage ,these grains get damaged due to rains or rodents eat them.Tax payers' money which should be utilised for Development of the Nation is diverted for fetching votes .
    Our food production is so good now that villagers must see good money in their hands.Why this has not happened must be thread bare examined and the officials responsible be imprisoned for betrayal of the Nation.Jai Hind
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    All yojnas are farmer centric, poor centric and industrialist centric. nothing for honest tax payers from middle class. why not GOI cannot waive off incometax of salaried people for next 6 months. We all are sailing in the same boat of this pandemic. The PM dosent understand the hardship of the middle class as he does not have a family to feel this pinch of pandemic. Many of the salaried people are jobless, many have to face deduction in salary. Why not create and give jobs to those 80 cr people who are given free food, free housing etc.
    Country with 130 cr people and just 7 cr people paying income tax. this is absurd.
  • D
    Middle class pays taxes, interest on loans, salaries to their employees,even though slow down. And benefits are trsfd to poor, farmers who have zero contribution towards the revenue. Tomorrow morning I will have pay more on petrol for my 2 wheeler.