WATCH: ‘A Plea For Peace’ – What If The ‘Tiranga’ Had A Voice?

When we are in school, we religiously rote what the three colours of the Indian National Flag (Tiranga) stand for – Saffron for courage, White for peace, and Green for prosperity.

But as we grow up and form our own convoluted definitions of ‘nationalism’, do we start to pick and choose from these meanings to serve our own agenda? Budding filmmaker and poet Navaldeep Singh raises this question in a moving recitation of his poem, A Plea For Peace for UnErase Poetry.

Performed at the Tuning Fork in Mumbai, Singh’s powerful words breathe life into the forgotten Tiranga, and it will leave you with goosebumps.

Initially written as a seven-minute-long mono act, Singh later converted it to a two minute poetry for the performance, all in a day.

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Inspired By The JNU- Ramjas Row: Navaldeep Singh

In an interview to The Quint, Navaldeep Singh opened up on what inspired him to pen down these powerful verses. “The concept came to my mind during the JNU incident during 2016, but I could turn it to reality after witnessing ABVP’s Tiranga March that took place at Ramjas this year (2016). It was evident that the Tiranga was being used for a particular political agenda. It made me wonder what will they do with such a big Tiranga? Eventually they will dump it, right?” asks Singh.

Navaldeep Singh talks about his powerful poetry on the Indian national flag. (Photo Courtesy: Youtube/Plea For Peace

Navaldeep Singh, Filmmaker and Poet.After ABVP’s Tiranga march, I wrote this poem. It made me wonder if the Tiranga is ashamed of being itself as it was never meant to be used to satisfy political agendas.

When The ‘Plea’ Was Heard:

At a time when free speech and artistic expression is under a constant scanner, Navaldeep Singh was pleasantly surprised at the warm reception his poem A Plea For Peace received from some unexpected corners.

Navaldeep Singh, Filmmaker and PoetMost of my friends, who keep talking about how we should wage a war on Pakistan, shared this video and it was then that I realised that my ‘Plea for Peace’ was heard.

Singh’s personification of the Indian National Flag has struck a chord with young Indians, and has gone viral.