Watch: Plane crashes in Washington in ball of fire, but pilot and passenger survive!

Arkadev Ghoshal
Plane crash

People in Mukilteo, Washington, in the US were in for a huge surprise and shock when they saw a plane burst into fire before crashing over the Harbour Pointe Boulevard. Even more surprisingly, the pilot and the passenger of the single-engine Piper aircraft managed to walk away unscathed from the crash!

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The footage of the plane bursting into a ball of fire moments before it crashed off the highway was captured on the dashcam of one Guanting Li, who was sitting in his car on the road at 3:30 pm local time on Tuesday, May 2. The video has been going viral ever since. 

The ill-fated aircraft's pilot — a resident of Oregon — told reporters after the accident that when he found his plane losing altitude, he tried to land it on the Harbour Pointe Boulevard because it did not have much of a traffic at the time. 

However, due to possibly mistimed descent, his aircraft hit some power lines and then a street light, which resulted in damage to the fuel cells of the plane. That was what led to the fire. One wing of the aircraft also reportedly hit one of the vehicles on the road, but there was no big damage there. 

Watch the video of the aircraft landing here: