Watch: Pet-rified Felines React as Owners Use Cat Filters on TikTok

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Face filters are quite in trend on social media with a number of people posting their videos and pictures using them. Users of Snapchat, Instagram and Tiktok are spoilt for choices with the innovative face filters that these apps have to offer.

Recently, an adorable video was shared by People's Daily, China on Twitter that is going viral on social media. The clip is a compilation of five different videos in which cats owners are seen using cat filter leaving their pets scared, petrified, confused, baffled and anxious.

One of the videos show a cat looking up at its owner in confusion and then back at the screen of the phone, trying to figure out why the owner looks like a cat on screen.

In another a cat is seen all baffled, looking at the phone of its owner. The feline is seen looking at her owner with a side eye.

The caption of the 53-second clip reads, "When cats meet cat filters..."

Watch the video here and do not miss the reactions of the furry animals:

Since being shared, the video has been viewed over 8 million times. It has also garnered over 3 lakh 15 thousand likes.

A number of people took to the comment section of the video to react to the video. Here’s how they reacted to the cat filter video:

Some even shared meme's to react to the video.