Watch: Pet Dog Kicks Bride While Taking Photo with Groom on Wedding Day

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Everybody wants to have the perfect wedding photographs. While a bride in China attempts at the perfect photo may have failed, it at least made her viral.

During a photo-session at a wedding, the planned elegant affair turned sour as a dog started to kick to the bride away mid-pose. The family dog who was supposed to be a part of the couple’s wedding photos evidently did not want the bride to be the centre of attention.

According to reports, the bride was ‘shocked’ initially but then everyone present at the wedding started laughing, including the bride. The video is from eastern Chinese city Bozhou, Anhui Province, taken moments before the couple headed toward the venue for their wedding ceremony.

Ms Cao, the bride seen in the video, wanted her two-year-old French Bulldog, San Jiu, to be included in the photographs. In the video, the groom picks up his wife’s pet and smiles toward the camera. But it looks like San Jiu did not share the couple’s opinion of how the photos should look. He takes a moment to get cosier in the groom’s arm. Then he looks at his owners and stretches. Suddenly, the dog used his two hindlegs to strongly kick the bride in her stomach, pushing her away. he then proceeded to kiss the groom. As he licked the groom, the bride, and guests who are not a part of the video, burst out laughing.

“I was so shocked, all my friends and family were laughing. I just wanted to bite him,” Ms Cao told MailOnline. She said she was joking of course. She then added that San Jiu was obviously trying to get all the attention by kicking her away.

She went on to explain how due to the wedding preparation, she had neglected her beloved pet for a few days. She guesses he must be upset with her. She also added that the dog loved her husband and always got excited whenever he was around.

The video has been shared on various Chinese online media and social media, much to the amusement of viewers all over. Many joked how the dog showed more loyalty to his new owner, Ms Cao’s husband, while others joked the dog was simply jealous.