WATCH: Pakistani Reporter's Hilarious Reaction to Trespasser Will Make You Say 'Same'

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Reporters, who cover news for television, have the pressure to speak fluently and without any break, cuts or retakes for live broadcasting. And, of course, not always things go as per their plans.

An unnamed reporter in Pakistan faced an interruption by a localite when the man suddenly walked into the camera frame while the former was recording his bit.

The reporter, turned visibly annoyed by the man’s trespassing and for disturbing his recording. Nonetheless, the reporter’s reaction was caught on tape it didn’t take very long for Twitter to take notice.

Watch the funny incident below:

Reactions started flooding in on the microblogging platform.

Commenting on the reporter’s authentic accent, one user wrote, “Exactly how one would speak in Gurdaspur.”

“OMG I laughed so hard!", wrote another.

Previously, some TV reporters went a mile ahead to ensure their reporting was authentic. While covering the summer floods in Pakistan, a reporter took journalism to the next level. Seemed liked he wanted to unearth some important information for which he reported from chest-deep water.

In another such ‘deep-rooted journalism’, nothing but only the reporter’s head and the tip of his mic is visible. The reporter, identified as Azadar Hussain, seemed confident despite his situation and reported about the agricultural lands in the Punjab region which were affected due to floods.