Watch: An Orangutan Shows Humans the Way to Wash Hands in Times of Coronavirus

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In times like these when cases of Coronavirus infection are on rise,one would expect human beings to know best how to wash hands. But with a video that is now going viral it seems that it is actually an Orangutan who knows the job better.

In the viral video, Cinta, a female Orangutan who is based out of Indonesia’s Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation facilities, can be seen washing her hands in a pond. In the 20-second-long clip, she rubs her palms repeatedly and thoroughly, much like human beings would do.

How do you wash your hands?

Orangutan Cinta from Indonesia's @bornean_OU shows us how to wash your hand😍😘😀#coronavirus #COVID19 #COVID2019india #COVID19Bangalore #CoronaVirusUpdate #coronavirusindia #coronavirus #howtowashhand #virusoutbreak #covid19UK #COVID19vaccine

— Amitav Bhattacharjee (@bamitav) March 19, 2020

As the number of cases of the pandemic are increasing, medical professionals and health organisations, including the World Health Organisation, are advising people to maintain utmost hygiene and are being told to remain in self-isolation. As of now, the virus has affected over two lakh people and has claimed over 8,500 lives.

Meanwhile, a 34-year-old soldier has tested positive for Coronavirus in Leh, after which the Ministry of Home Affairs asked the Central Armed Police Forces to discourage personnel from taking leaves. In the advisory, the troops are advised to avoid travelling through bus, train or aeroplane, both domestically and internationally. The CRPF anniversary function, which was to be held today, has been postponed in view of the Covid-19 pandemic.