Watch: NRI girl drinks in front of parents, their reaction has every desi kid say ‘relatable’

When drinking in front of desi parents may land you in trouble!

Indian parents have a unique identity. No matter wherever in the world you are, growing up in an Indian household is quite different than others. Indian parents have their own set of rules and decorums and failing to abide may result in a good old beating! The concept of space is non-existent. Not to forget the classic dilemma of parents expecting their kids to behave like adults and yet never let them be independent and continue to treat you as a child for life. Yes, you’re not alone, we all have been there.

Something similar happened when Misha Malik from Columbus, Ohio decided to have a drink in front of her desi parents, the shock and the disbelief in their faces has left every Indian kid around the world in splits saying they can totally understand and relate to this. As it happened, the young woman was out with her parents to celebrate her 21st birthday, as her mother told the waiter it’s her daughter’s birthday, she expected it might be a cake or a dessert that might be on the house.

However, it wasn’t anything sweet that greeted their way, instead, it was a shot of tequila! What happened next is pretty dramatic seen in any Bollywood films, as she took the shot in one go, her mother can be heard saying in the background, "Misha nahi, Misha". Alas, it was all too late, and as she gobbled the drink down, the horror in her parents’ face started a laughing riot online.

As the video and tweet went viral, many Indian kids living aboard said this has happened to them as well, while others joked where were the flying slippers. As she joked after this they bought her a one-way ticket to her motherland, others are hoping she is doing fine.

She later informed her followers that she "had to hit them with a fake cough in the end" but agreed that her mother is enjoying the new-found Internet fame.