Most Desi Photobomb? Dog Riding Pillion on Bike Steals BBC Anchor's Thunder

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Getting photobombed by a doggo is probably the only acceptable form of photobombing, right? Recently, a special episode of BBC film show Talking Movies which was being shot in India, saw host Tom Brook signing off the episode, sitting in an auto rickshaw facing the camera. However, as he was talking, a white dog riding pillion on a two-wheeler surfaced on the screen and stole all the thunder.

The video soon became viral when Twitter user Tim Kimber shared the portion on the social media platform and captioned it, "This is the most Indian photo bomb."

In the viral video, Tom Brook is seen sitting in a moving auto rickshaw and during his concluding monologue for the episode, a white dog surfaces in the background, balancing on the two-wheeler. The canine is seen maintaining its balance on the moving two-wheeler by placing its fore legs on the shoulder of the rider.

Watch the hilarious video here:

This is the most Indian photo bomb 😂

— Tim Kimber (@Tim_Kimber) December 1, 2019

Soon the video became viral and so far it has been viewed over one lakh times and has received over three thousand likes. As expected the video has been flooded with comments from people. Here's how people reacted to the video:

That gave me a much needed laugh! Thanks😀👍

— Donna (@Bogarte7) December 8, 2019

At 16 seconds, you will be happy!

— Luigi Exculpatory Scardoffi (@Luigi_Scardoffi) December 8, 2019

#typical 😅

— anvitanaval (@anvitaVijay) December 8, 2019


— Gigi (is back) (@mycrotchetyluv) December 8, 2019

There is no denying videos of cats and dogs riding on two-wheeler with a swag is garnering all the attention of social media. A few days ago, a cat was seen enjoying a pillion ride on a two-wheeler in Mumbai. The video soon became viral on social media, where the ginger coloured cat can be seen skillfully balancing itself during the ride.

The incident also remind us of Sultan, the auto riding dog in Mumbai who became famous for his stunts like getting atop the roof of the vehicle and balancing itself as the auto was in motion.